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How is Lip Lift Surgery Performed?

How is Lip Lift Surgery Performed?

Lip lift surgery has emerged as one of the popular cosmetic surgeries. As a matter of fact the aim of the procedure is to improve the appearance of the upper lip. Similarly, it raises the lips and makes them appear fuller. Moreover, if you are not happy with the appearance of the lips, lip surgery can prove to be beneficial. There are people who might feel conscious about their lips due to the shorter upper lips, lack of symmetry, or aging upper lip.

To begin with, a lip lift procedure can help in rectifying the issues and make the upper lip appear symmetric and youthful. It will help in improving your smile. Let’s have a detailed look at lip surgery.

How Does Lip Lift Surgery Work?

There are different ways of performing a lip lift surgery based on the needs and wants of the patient. Here’s a look:

Bullhorn Lip Lift

The bullhorn lip lift surgery is performed by a Cosmetic surgeon near Ahmedabad. Firstly, an incision is made along the base of the nose, above the upper lip. Then, the tissue and skin above the incision are lifted. They are re-positioned to create an attractive and youthful appearance for a significant upper lip.

Corner Lip Lift

The procedure is meant to lift the corner of the mouth. It helps in rectifying the sad-looking and downturned appearance. The incision is made at the corner of the mouth followed by lifting the skin and tissue for repositioning the corner of the mouth.

Lip Advancement

In this type of procedure, an incision is made in the middle of the upper lip till the tissues as it helps in creating a fuller appearance. Further, the procedure takes an hour or two to complete. Secondly, the surgery is done under IV sedation. Then, after the procedure, the patient can expect some bruising and swelling in the area. It will subside in fewer days. Additionally, you need to consider that the results of the lip surgery will not be visible immediately. It might take a few weeks to months for the final results to be witnessed. The procedure is permanent and the results will last for many years to come.

Reasons to Get a Lip Lift Surgery Done

Before opting for the surgery, it is essential to consult with a board-certified surgeon with sufficient experience in lip lift surgery.

  • Short Upper Lip

Some people might have a shorter upper lip by birth. It makes the teeth look prominent. A shorter upper lip might make it difficult to achieve a natural smile.

  • Aging Upper Lip

As people age, the upper lips can lose definition and volume. It makes them appear less youthful and thinner. Some people are born with thinner lips and might want to enjoy a fuller-looking lip or a proportionate upper lip.

  • Lack of Symmetry

People who are born with asymmetrical upper lips feel conscious about their appearance. And lip surgery can help enhance the overall face’s appearance by making the upper lip fuller and youthful and making them symmetrical to the face.

Lip Lift Vs Lip Augmentation

While both procedures help in achieving a fuller appearance, the approach is different. As lip lift procedures are surgical in nature, lip augmentation procedures are non-invasive. They are two different cosmetic procedures.

Firstly, a lip lift procedure needs an incision to raise the upper lip making it attractive and fuller.

A lip augmentation can be done with non-surgical procedures performed to enhance the volume of the lips. It is done by injecting fillers like hyaluronic acid into the lips. It can also be done via fat transfer.

The lip filler cost will vary based on the clinic and the city of the treatment. Lip fillers cost can be around INR 15,000 to 25,000 for a single session. Unlike lip lift surgery, fillers and lip injections are temporary in nature. Their results might last for six months to a year.

As lip augmentation is non-surgical in nature, there is no need for sedation. The candidate only needs a topical anesthetic for numbing the lips. For people looking for a subtle plump look, lip augmentation can help. It can help achieve a fuller appearance without invasive procedures.

Recovery from Lip Lift Surgery

To begin with, it might take a few weeks to recover from the lip lift procedure. After the surgery, the candidate will experience some swelling or bruising. However, it will fade away after a few days. Then, the cosmetic surgeon near me will give instructions about how to care for the incisions. As it consists of cleaning the incision, applying an appointment, and minimizing the risk of infection.

Keep the incision clean and dry for the first few days. Also, avoid rigorous physical activity which might cause swelling and bleeding. You would be advised to eat softer foods and avoid drinking and smoking as it delays the healing process. There are different ways of getting fuller and attractive lips. Find a good cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Kedarnath Pandya and schedule a consultation to get the queries answered and proceed ahead after getting complete information.

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