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Hair Transplant

Getting those manes back for your bald areas will be a heavenly bliss. We at Mayfair Aesthetics provide result-oriented surgeries. Hair Transplant is a permanent ans the only natural way to restore hair on scalp. Hair transplants can transform receding hairlines visible in the front, center, and crown of the head.

PRP for Hair Restoration

Staring at a growing collection of hair accumulating in your shower drain? You’re not alone.

Hair thinning and loss are widespread concerns, often impacting confidence and overall well-being.

Luckily, innovative solutions like PRP therapy are emerging to combat these issues. PRP, or Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy, leverages the power of your own blood to potentially revitalize your hair growth journey.

This minimally invasive approach offers a natural alternative to traditional hair loss treatments, addressing the problem at its root.

Mayfair Aesthetic Surgery: A preferred destination for transformative cosmetic procedures, delivering unparalleled results for both locals and NRIs alike.


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