What is Lip Augmentation Surgery?

Lips are the focal point of our face and they are often associated with beauty, youth and sensuality. But it is not uncommon to see lips becoming thin and developing deep lines with age.
Lip Augmentation, also known as Lip enhancement, Lip job and Lip Enlargement is a cosmetic procedure which involves adding volume to the lip, thus enhancing the look of the lips. This procedure is done either by permanent lip implants or via injectable lip filler. This creates lips that are fuller and also reduces the fine wrinkles around the mouth.
This surgery will effectively fight the signs of ageing, improve your smile, and leave your lips looking wonderfully natural and beautiful.

Lip Augmentation Surgery

Is Lip Augmentation Surgery Right for Me?

If you are not satisfied with the thickness and shape of your lips or you have always wanted thicker and fuller lips with natural pout.
If you are noticing fine lines and wrinkles around your mouth or your lips have lost volume gradually with age or you just want the perfect pout then lip enhancement or Lip Augmentation could be the best choice for you to improve your appearance and boost your confidence.

What is Technique for Lip Augmentation Surgery?

The patient’s own fat or a natural or synthetic biocompatible material (Fillers) is injected or implanted in the lips. Placement of the injected material is very important. Usually, to produce the desired result, one injection is sufficient.
Lips might need to be injected periodically depending on the type of filler used.
In some cases, both, the upper and the lower lips are enlarged to create harmony and balance between the lips and the face.
We at Mayfair Advanced Aesthetic Surgery Clinic listen to your concerns very carefully and aim to achieve the look you have always desired. Lip enhancement has gained popularity over the years and now it can be performed for upper lip, lower lip or both and sometimes in conjunction with other cosmetic surgical procedures.
Lip implants are designed to look and feel natural and also enhance your lip volume to your desired size. It does not deflate, degrade or rupture over time. Though it’s permanent, it is designed in such a way that if in future, the patient wishes to achieve a larger or smaller volume of the lips or return to the original size it can be done.

Lip Fillers

Lip Filler treatment is an effective temporary solution where a cosmetic surgeon injects a dermal filler to volumize the lips. The volume achieved by these dermal filler injections typically last for around 6 months. This duration of the effects can vary. Lip Fillers can leave you with the perfect pout in less than 15 minutes!

The Benefits of Lip Enhancement, Fillers and Augmentation:

  • Simple, quick and effective Treatment.
  • Improve your self-confidence with the perfect pout.
  • You can reach your beauty goal.
  • Natural fullness with our permanent solutions.
  • No need to hide, you can be back to work that day itself.
  • Walk-in, walk-out procedure.
  • Recovery is fast.
  • Looks and feels natural
  • Simple, quick and effective Treatment.
Lip Enhancement, Fillers and Augmentation at Mayfair:

Non-surgical and surgical lip enhancement cosmetic procedures are carried under a local anaesthetic agent on OPD basis. There will be some swelling after this procedure that subsides very quickly. Dr. Pandya will advise you on what best suits you and will help you achieve the exact look that you are looking for.

How long will the Lip swelling last?
Will I be able to have upper and Lower Lip done at the same time?
Will I have an over-inflated lip also known as a Trout Pout?
Will I lose sensation or function in my lip?

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