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What Is Hair Transplant/Hair Replacement?

Hair Transplant is a solution for lost scalp hair. Hair Transplant is a surgical procedure where two kinds of hair sites are into consideration. One is the Donor site and the other is Recipient site. Here, permanent hair follicles are moved or transplanted from regions of the scalp that normally never go bald, such as the sides and lower back of the head (Donor site) to the bald or balding area of the scalp (“Recipient site”).

In India every third man is facing the problem of hair loss or receding hair line. Therefore, if you are worried about your receding hair line or lost scalp hair and are considering to get a hair transplant in Ahmedabad, contact us.


Hair transplant is the only permanent solution of hair loss and gives excellent and natural looking hair line. To get the great look by the best Hair Transplant Surgeon in Ahmedabad , contact best hair transplant clinic in Ahmedabad.

Why go for Hair Transplant?

Are you trying to hide your baldness and hair loss constantly?? Is your balding scalp taking away your confidence?
Take help from Mayfair – the best hair transplant clinic in Ahmedabad!!



Follicular unit extraction (FUE) hair transplantation method at Mayfair’s hair transplant clinic in Ahmedabad is a process where individual hair follicles are harvested from donor site (back of the head, the area which usually never go bald) and transplanted into the area of thinning/ baldness. Each hair unit consists of approximate one to four hairs. Follicles are implanted aesthetically at a very definite angle & pattern which gives natural looking hairline. The whole process takes place under local anesthesia and is carried out without causing any damage to the skin or existing hair at the recipient site.

The patient can see no visible signs of surgery as the scalp heals faster. This option is preferred by those people who don’t want visible scarring or by those clients who intend to have very short hairstyles.


In this surgical technique, a strip of skin containing permanent hair instead of individual hair follicles from donor areas at the back or sides of the head. The surgeon then harvests the individual hair follicle (comprising of 1-4 hairs) and transplants these hairs into the area of hair thinning or baldness.

When performed by a Qualified Plastic Surgeon, scar is very thin & with the latest TRYCHOPHYTIC CLOSURE TECHNIQUE done by plastic surgeons, hair grow through the scar which makes it inconspicuous.

This technique is preferred when graft requirement is high (3000-4000) & for patients with curly hair.

The process after the surgery :

The Transplanted Hair begin to grow after the 4th week of the procedure. Then all the transplanted hair will begin to shed. The recipient site will look the same as it was prior to the hair transplant procedure. This dormant period of the transplanted grafts continues for approximately three months.

After three months, grafts will appear similar to short beard or small buds. Slowly and gradually, hair growth will be seen. After about six months, 80% of the hair growth will be seen. Rest 20% of hair growth occurs over the next six months. Therefore, after nearly a year, the final result is seen. The newly grown hair will be thinner at first and would get thicker later. There is also improvement in color and texture over time.

Time line :

First 4 weeks: Transplanted hair begin to grow.

Between 4-8 weeks: Transplanted hair begin to shed.

After 4-6 months: Transplanted hair begin to grow again.

After 6-12 months: Color and length of transplanted hair improves.



Safety :

Hair transplant surgery done at Mayfair Aesthetic Surgery Clinic is done by Dr. Kedarnath Pandya himself and it is done in Operation Theatre with strict aseptic precautions and utmost hygienic condition.

The surgery is absolutely safe with almost zero morbidity and gives permanent and natural looking result.



Hair Transplant Cost :

The cost of a hair transplant depends largely on the number of Hair Grafts Transplanted. Generally it ranges from INR 70,000 to INR 1,40,000.

To know more about hair transplant Ahmedabad, visit our Mayfair Aesthetic Surgery Clinic.

Why Mayfair Aesthetic Surgery Clinic in Ahmedabad for Hair transplantation/Hair Replacement/Hair Restoration?

At Mayfair Hair Transplant Clinic in Ahmedabad, we have the latest techniques of hair transplant/hair restoration/Hair Replacement available for both men and women. For people looking for a permanent solution in hair transplantation, we are with two powerful techniques – Follicular Unit Transfer (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).

Dr. Kedarnath Pandya (M.S. M.Ch. (Plastic Surgery), F.A.C.S. (Cosmetic Surgery)) is a leading plastic surgeon in Ahmedabad who can assist you in determining the best technique you should go for. The most advanced Follicular Unit Transfer technique is adopted at our clinic so that our patients can get a completely natural result. This is a minimally invasive process.

Hair transplantation / Hair Replacement in Ahmedabad procedures are performed by Dr. Kedarnath Pandya using the best hair-by-hair restoration techniques. Every strand of hair is aesthetically transplanted and artistically placed to complete the patient’s hairline and facial looks while complementing the natural growth of hair giving the patient the most natural looking results. The result of this technique is a soft and silky hairline looking completely natural.

Here, the Patients can go home the same day of the surgery and resume work the next day.

Benefits of Hair Transplant Solution /Hair Replacement In Ahmedabad’s Mayfair Aesthetic Surgery Clinic:

  1. It’s a onetime process.
  2. A permanent solution.
  3. Better natural looks.
  4. Aesthetically grown hair improving the facial features.
  5. Young look.
  6. No recurrent cost as in hair wigs etc
  7. No need for extra special care for the transplanted hair.
  8. Hair accessories can be worn without any hassle or fear

FAQs about Hair Transplant

Do you perform hair transplant for women?

Yes. Hair loss in females is also very common. Though women lose hair in different pattern, hair transplant solutions are similar for both men and women.

How long do hair transplant lasts?
Hair transplants are considered a permanent solution. Transplanted hair typically lasts a lifetime as it is resistant to the factors that cause regular hair loss.


Will it look really natural?

Yes, when performed by a skilled hair transplant surgeon like Dr. Kedarnath Pandya, a hair transplant can provide natural-looking results. The transplanted hair grows naturally and blends seamlessly with the existing hair.

We at Mayfair Aesthetic Surgery ensure that you get adequate time for all your consultation appointments so that you can clear all your doubts by having an interactive session with Dr. Kedarnath Pandya, Board Certified Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon.

Mayfair Aesthetic Surgery: A preferred destination for transformative cosmetic procedures, delivering unparalleled results for both locals and NRIs alike.


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