Rejuvenating Your Look- All About Face Lift Surgery

Facelift surgery has emerged as a popular cosmetic procedure. It consists of removing the excess skin and smoothing the wrinkles and folds. It also helps in tightening the facial tissues. From the medical viewpoint, there is no need for a facelift and the facelift surgery is done only for aesthetic reasons. Due to aging, the tissues and skin lose elasticity naturally. It leads to sagging skin and wrinkles. Facelift surgery is also known as rhytidectomy.

Face lift doesn’t include eye or brow lift but if required the surgeon can perform them simultaneously. Also, the facelift procedure is performed only on the bottom two-thirds portion of the face and neck. Moreover, people get the procedure done for various reasons and one of the most common reasons is hiding the signs of aging.

Firstly, healthy individuals with no severe medical condition that might interfere with the healing of the wound are suitable for the surgery. Additionally, people who don’t smoke or engage in substance abuse make for a good candidate.

Reasons to get Face Lift Surgery Done

As mentioned above, the appearance and shape of the face changes with aging. It gets looser and refuses to get back to its shape easily. In some areas of the face, the fat deposit decreases while increases in others. Facelift procedures can address age-related issues such as:

  • Excessive skin at the lower jawline.
  • Sagging appearance of the cheeks.
  • Deep skin folds on the sides of the nose and corner of the mouth.
  • Excess fat and sagging skin in the neck.
Preparations for Face Lift Surgery
  • The cosmetic surgeon near you will inquire about the medical history and perform some tests. Mention about any previous surgeries that you have had along with a history of alcohol usage and smoking.
  • Dr. Kedarnath Pandya will ask about the medications and dosage that you take regularly that consist of vitamins and herbal medications as well.
  • He will examine your face and take pictures from various angles to assess the bone structure, fat distribution, face shape, quality of skin, etc.
  • Then he will ask about the expectations and guide about realistic results.
Types of Face Lift Procedures

There are different types of facelift surgeries which are as follows:

  • Mini Facelift

The mini facelift is a modified type of facelift procedure that targets the loose skin near the jaw-line and neck.

  • Mid- Facelift

Mid-facelift is also known as cheek lift as it targets the upper mouth to the eyes. It rectifies the sagging skin of the cheek and nose.

  • Non-surgical Facelift

This type of facelift doesn’t need general anesthesia or a big incision. It targets the signs of aging such as creases, wrinkles, and sagging skin. Some of the popular examples of non-surgical facelifts are vampire facelifts, thread lifts, and liquid facelifts.

What to Expect After the Surgery

Sometimes the surgery is performed with local anesthetics and sedation for numbing the face while in other cases general anesthesia might be used. Depending on the type of surgery, the procedure follows. Usually, the surgeries consist of face and neck sculpting and removal of excessive fat. Facial skin is re-draped on the repositioned contours. After removing excess skin, the wound is taped or stitched.

After the surgery, the candidate might feel moderate to mild pain along with swelling, bruising, numbness, and drainage from the incisions. It is recommended to rest with an elevated head and take pain medications as suggested by the surgeon. The application of cool packs can reduce the swelling and ease the pain. There will be several follow-up appointments in the coming two months after the surgery. The facelift scars will become lighter and fade over the course of a few months. The results are expected to last up to ten years but aging can impact the results.

Risks Associated with Face Lift Procedure

There might be a few risks associated with the facelift procedure which might be managed with medications or other medical procedures. Long-term complications are rare in this case. The best cosmetic surgeon in Ahmedabad will guide about the risks so that you can make an informed decision.

Cost of Face Lift

To begin with, the cost of a facelift differs depending on each patient’s specific case. It also varies based on the type of face lift procedure. However, the approximate facelift surgery cost in India ranges from INR 1,00,000 to 1,48,000. Usually, the cost of a procedure consists of the cost of hospital stay, medications, tests, and more. It is better to inquire about the cost It is important to look for an experienced, qualified, and certified surgeon like Dr. Kedarnath Pandya who can do justice with the expectations. The candidate must get the queries resolved with the doctor during the consultation session. Ask for a facelift before and after images of the previous patients. It gives an idea about what to expect from the procedure.

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