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What is Tummy tuck?

A tummy tuck is also known as Abdominoplasty.

For people who are conscious about the loose, nonelastic and droopy skin around their abdominal area or whose abdominal muscles are stretched, separated and weakened due to pregnancy or extreme weight loss, tummy tuck surgery is the right and the best way to have a more youthful and firmer figure.

Tummy tuck refines the contours of the abdominal area in cases when diet and exercise are not enough to eliminate stubborn excess fat and tissue cells. This surgery is personalized to your needs to give a more aesthetically pleasing and overall slimmer appearance.

Is Tummy Tuck right for me?

  • Do you have excess skin and stretch marks on your abdomen?
  • Do you feel conscious when you look at the shape of your abdomen?
  • Are you unable to get rid of excess fat by exercise or diet?
  • Do you have sagging skin due to weight loss surgery?
  • Do you want your pre-pregnancy look back?
  • Do you want to improve and contour your waistline?

If the answer to any or all the questions is yes, then Tummy Tuck is the right solution for you to have a perfect contoured abdomen. This surgical treatment is proven to meet the unique needs and goals of each individual patient.

Benefits of Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

  • Removal of excess abdominal skin.
  • Flatter Abdomen.
  • Freedom to choose perfect clothing.
  • Increased self-confidence.
  • Improved body posture.
  • Long lasting results.

What to know about getting a Tummy Tuck at Mayfair?

Cosmetic Surgery is not just about the operation, it’s all about you and your personal goals and desires related to your body.

At Mayfair Aesthetic Surgery Clinic, we understand that your physical appearance can affect you emotionally as well as physically. Tummy Tuck surgery or abdominoplasty can significantly improve your self-esteem while effectively regaining your abdominal tone and shape.

What does Tummy Tuck Surgery Involve?

Tummy Tuck Surgery usually takes about four to five hours depending upon the results aimed. This surgery is performed under general anaesthesia.

Tummy Tuck Recovery

  • One day of hospitalization with skilled nursing care is usually needed.
  • Walking and moving the same day will be encouraged.
  • Sleeping with knees flexed is advised for 3-4 days.
  • Light activity can be resumed in 10 to 20 days.
  • Sports and vigorous exercises can be resumed after 4 to 6 weeks.

Cost of Tummy Tuck

Cost of tummy tuck in Ahmedabad can vary depending upon a myriad factor. Tummy tuck or abdominoplasty cost in Ahmedabad usually starts from the range of INR 80,000 – 1,50,000.

The cost of Tummy Tuck can vary depending upon the following:

  • Area of treatment
  • Cosmetic surgeon’s experience and expertise
  • Location of the cosmetic clinic
  • Type of abdominoplasty
  • Any other health factors
  • Medications
  • Hospitalization expenses
  • Post op care and garments

Is Tummy Tuck right for me?

Why get a Tummy Tuck Done at Mayfair Aesthetics?

Patient is Our priority: At Mayfair Aesthetics, we pride ourselves on our team’s patient-centric approach. You are our priority from the thorough consultation where we take the time to understand your unique goals, concerns, and expectations to the surgery and recovery. We believe in a collaborative process that puts your needs at the forefront.

Expert Cosmetic Surgeon: Our team is led by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Kedarnath Pandya with an epitome of experience in performing successful tummy tuck procedures. Our skilled and professional team, each dedicated to ensuring your safety, comfort, and satisfaction throughout every step of your transformation.

State-of-the-Art Facilities: At Mayfair Aesthetics, we have all the world’s best and latest equipment for surgeries. We believe in providing only the best-in-class service to our patients. Recognizing that every individual is unique, every case is different, accordingly we offer personalized treatment plans tailored to your specific needs. Whether you’re looking for a traditional tummy tuck, a mini tummy tuck, or an extended tummy tuck, we will craft a plan that aligns with your aesthetic goals.

Transparency and Open Communication: We prioritize transparency and open communication. From discussing potential risks to explaining the intricacies of the procedure, Dr. Kedarnath Pandya is committed to keeping you well-informed. We believe that an informed patient is an empowered patient.

Commitment to Excellence: When you choose Mayfair Aesthetics, you choose excellent service for yourself. Our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional results while prioritizing your safety and satisfaction sets us apart as a trusted destination for transformative cosmetic procedures.

FAQs about Tummy tuck

How many days will take for recovery after tummy tuck?

Sleeping with knees flexed is advised for 3-4 days. Light activity can be resumed in 10 to 20 days. Sports and vigorous exercises can be resumed after 4 to 6 weeks.

When can I expect to see the final results of my tummy tuck?

While initial results are visible within a few weeks, the final results become more apparent after several months as swelling subsides.

Will I lose weight after a tummy tuck?

A tummy tuck is not a weight loss procedure; it focuses on removing excess skin and fat. However, patients may experience a modest weight reduction due to the removal of tissue.

We at Mayfair Aesthetic Surgery ensure that you get adequate time for all your consultation appointments so that you can clear all your doubts by having an interactive session with Dr. Kedarnath Pandya, Board Certified Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon.

Mayfair Aesthetic Surgery: A preferred destination for transformative cosmetic procedures, delivering unparalleled results for both locals and NRIs alike.


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