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Body Positivity Challenges- Overcoming Negative Self-Talk

Body Positivity Challenges- Overcoming Negative Self-Talk

Body Positivity: In these times of social media where looks have become so important, it can be tough for people to have a positive body image. There are a few perceptions and stereotypes regarding the ‘perfect body’ which leads to constant comparisons and pressure. Both women and men feel the pressure of achieving the so-called perfect physique which takes a toll on their emotional and mental health. Beauty standards have become superficial wherein a certain body type, complexion, height, features, or hair has become the norm. People who don’t fit into these stereotypes are constantly judged and made to feel less than others.

More and more youngsters are succumbing to negative body image. They are mindlessly chasing the fad trends to look a certain way for society’s approval. They seek validation from peers and failing to do so affects their confidence drastically. Not just women, but our society has unrealistic expectations regarding men’s physical appearance as well. Regardless of the age and gender, the negative self-talk is destroying people’s confidence and pushing them towards depression. Negative body image can be detrimental to relationships as well.

It is time people focused on meaningful aspects and capabilities of our bodies instead of just focusing on the appearance. It is important to understand the value of self love by discovering your worth. Realizing your worth is more important than fitting into society’s shallow standards. That builds a community of body positivity.

Here’s a look at a few ways you can overcome negative self-image and embrace a body-positive approach:

Don’t Focus on Negative Thoughts

The first step is to stop paying attention to the negative thoughts. Don’t focus on what a magazine says about beauty standards. It is you who determine your worth. Give yourself a positive self-talk every morning. Don’t allow the negative thoughts to become deep rooted in your mind. Your internal monologue plays a crucial role here. Try to force positive talk over negative thoughts. Once you become aware, it becomes easy to challenge the negative self-talk.

Focus on the Positives

Every one of us has some positive traits, skills and talents. We are unique individuals with distinct personalities. Not every individual needs to be judged on the basis of shallow beauty standards. It is important to understand and accept that we all are beautiful and worthy in our own ways. There are many non-physical attributes that empower us and we should be proud of. A good way to focus on positives is to repeat the affirmative talks in front of the mirror. No one is perfect but there is always something to be happy about.

Show Your Body Some Love- Body Positivity

Regardless of the size, shape, height, and complexion, you need to love your body and take care of it. The focus should be on staying healthy and fit instead of chasing fad diets to become skinny. Implement a good lifestyle consisting of right diet and workout. Drink enough water and get good sleep. Engage in activities and hobbies that keep you happy. Try to speak good things about yourself and your body daily. Encourage others around you to speak positive words. This way you will not only create a happy vibe for yourself but also make people around you happy. After all, you can’t pour from an empty cup.

Love What Your Body Does and not How it Looks

People around you might criticize your appearance and make you focus on your so-called shortcomings. But you need to learn to focus on your capabilities and look beyond your physical attributes. You need to be grateful to your body for how it allows you to see the beautiful world, smell the lovely flowers, how your limbs help you get through the day, and how your entire body supports you each day. When your body doesn’t fail to love you, why do you fail to love your body back? Our body is an amazing place that lets us live in it.

Healthy Boundaries for Body Positivity

If you wish to transform your appearance, it is still important to love your present self and patiently work towards a newer you! Try to imbibe a healthy diet and workout routine but go easy on your body. Make your transformation process fun instead of beating your body and burdening it with extensive exercises and lack of nutrition. The transformation should be at your pace without any pressure of proving a point to others. If it still doesn’t help you to foster a positive body image and you are experiencing a sense of embarrassment or depression, cosmetic procedures can help in achieving the desired body to boost your body image. With the right guidance, you can go with cosmetic procedures for confidence and positive body image. There are experienced and reputed cosmetic doctors in Ahmedabad who can help with consultation and choosing the right procedure for addressing your concern.

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