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Choosing a Qualified Breast Implant Surgeon for Breast Tightening

Choosing a Qualified Breast Implant Surgeon for Breast Tightening

Breast Implant Surgeon: Cosmetic surgeries have come a long way in the past decade. The surgery techniques have advanced in terms of safety and sophistication. In fact, men and women have become quite familiar and comfortable with getting cosmetic procedures done to enhance the appearance of various body parts. Cosmetic procedures such as liposuction and breast tightening treatment are some of the most popular surgeries across the globe.

If you are also contemplating getting the surgery done, you might have spent a considerable amount of time wondering about finding the right surgeon. When it comes to breast-lifting procedures and cosmetic surgeons, one size doesn’t fit all. Breast lift surgery can be life-changing and a positive experience and you must never rush it. Also, it is an individual experience. Experienced surgeons understand this fact and will never rush their patients to make a hasty decision.

There are many factors that can be used to judge if the surgeon is right for you. Taking the following points into consideration will help choose the right surgeon for your boob lift procedure:

Qualification and Certification

The first step towards judging the ability of the surgeon is to verify their qualification. You can check the details regarding their degree and certification from the website. Yet another requirement to be verified is the board-certification plastic surgeon only. Any plastic surgeon near Ahmedabad, that you shortlist must be board-certified. Before you meet the surgeon for a consultation session, ensure that they are qualified and certified.

The credentials of the cosmetic surgeon are important as they show that you can trust the surgeon and he/ she is qualified and trained to perform the procedure. No untrained doctor should cheat you.

Surgeon’s Approach

Apart from the credentials and medical knowledge, cosmetic surgery needs artistry too. Every woman’s body is unique and so are their expectations from the surgery. A good cosmetic doctor is the one who can customize the treatment plan based on a woman’s body type and aesthetic goals. This is one of the reasons you can’t simply trust the first surgeon that shows up on your list when you make an online search.

A good plastic surgeon will be able to tailor the treatment based on your situation and specific requirements. You must review the surgeon’s gallery with before and after images to get a glimpse of the kind of work the surgeon has done and what were the results. You can ask for additional pictures and case studies along with testimonials from patients. Honest feedback from patients about their experience can help you in making the decision.

Consider the Facility

Another factor to look for when looking for a cosmetic surgeon is their clinic. Cosmetic surgeries are considered OPD but it is important to ensure that the clinic where the procedure will take place follows the highest safety standards, quality and patient care. To confirm if the clinic is credible, look for its infrastructure, technology, machines, and license.

Trust Factor

When looking for a surgeon for a boob job, it is important to be able to find someone whom you can trust. Just like finding a personal trainer or a family doctor, you might need to meet a few surgeons before finding the one you can trust. Having open communication and personal rapport with the cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Kedarnath Pandya can make a significant difference between a good surgeon and a great one! If you find a surgeon you can connect with, the patient feels more confident about the procedure. You will be able to have open discussions about the desired results, aesthetic goals, overall health, lifestyle and any queries that you have.

Honest Guidance

When you meet a potential cosmetic surgeon for a boob uplift procedure, they should be able to offer honest guidance. They should not tell you what you want to hear. A good cosmetic surgeon is the one who shares honest and straightforward opinion about your situation. They must guide you about having realistic expectations from the surgery.


It is said that you must take into consideration the experience of the doctor. However, it is the relevant experience that matters. The cosmetic surgeon should have experience in breast lift surgeries. Check for their track record to see the history of their success. Look for before and after pictures to gauge the skills of the surgeon.

Reputation of the Clinic

Apart from the credentials and experience of the doctor, you should consider the reputation of the clinic as well. If the clinic enjoys a positive reputation in the market, it is a sign that their facility is well equipped, has brilliant doctors and assures of safety.

You must do thorough research before finalizing the doctor for your breast lift procedure. It is a crucial surgery which can impact the appearance of your breasts and hence decisions should be made carefully. A consultation session with the shortlisted can further help in getting a clear picture. 

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