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How Long Does a BBL Surgery Last?

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BBl surgery or Brazilian Butt lift is emerging as a popular cosmetic surgery for women who wish to enhance the appearance of their posterior. For anyone planning to get the procedure done, it is important to know how long the results will last. In many cases, after the recovery has been done, the results might last for several years.

What is BBL Surgery?

A Brazilian Butt lift is a surgery that improves the appearance of the buttocks along with removing the fat from other parts of the body via liposuction. The fat collected from other areas of the body is added to the buttock to improve the volume and make the overall symmetry and shape perfectly.

Throughout the lifetime, the candidate can expect to retain at least 60 to 70% of the fat transferred to the posterior. The results of BBL will differ from one candidate to another. It depends on how the posterior is treated post-surgery.

During the first two weeks after the procedure, the butt is expected to lose 40% of the initial volume. To compensate for this, the cosmetic surgeon overfills the butt during the procedure. Post that, the butt starts regeneration and production of additional fat cells leading to an increase in volume. The butt appearance will stabilize within 3 to 6 months.

Is BBL Permanent?

BBL is a semi-permanent procedure because the nature of fat is semi-permanent. Even natural butt size changes over time due to aging irrespective of weight gain or weight loss. It is best to maintain an active lifestyle without extreme weight changes.

Suggestions to Prolong the Life of BBL Surgery

Maintain a Stable Weight

It is recommended to maintain an ideal body weight before and after the BBL procedure. Significant weight gain or weight loss after the procedure can drastically affect the shape of the newly sculpted and contoured posterior area.

Balanced Diet

Diet plays a crucial role in maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle. Patients are recommended to eat healthy and nutritious food which offers the required vitamins and minerals. These nutrients not only help in maintaining the ideal weight but also promote healing after the procedure.

Wear Compression Garment

After the BBL surgery, the doctor will recommend wearing a compression garment or a binder to support the treated area. The patient is asked to wear the compression garment for at least six weeks after the procedure. It helps in promoting healing as well as supports the skin to tighten up. The garment should be firm yet not pinch the treated area. Wearing the garment too tight will lead to pressure reducing the blood flow and rate of healing.

Avoid Pressure on the Butt

As mentioned above, too much pressure on the butt must be avoided during the early stage of healing as it will restrict the blood flow to the newly injected fat cells in the buttocks. Fat has poor blood supply as compared to the other issues. Thus, it’s important to make sure that the blood flows as freely as possible in the posterior area. It is advisable to spend more time on the side or tummy during the first few weeks after the surgery. It improves the probability of your BBL procedure lasting for a long time.

Just like any other surgery, the results of a Butt enhancement surgery will vary from one candidate to other. In some people the rate of fat cell absorption and recovery is quick. It is best to choose a reputed cosmetic surgeon for the BBL as it will ensure safe surgery and a positive outcome. An experienced surgeon like Dr. Kedarnath Pandya along with their medical team can help in optimizing the chances of great results.

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