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Rise of Cosmetic Surgeries During and Post Lockdown

Rise of cosmetic surgeries during and post lockdown

There has been a sharp rise in the number of people booking consultations and appointments for cosmetic surgeries at Mayfair Aesthetics. The pertinent question is why there is a rising interest in these procedures during pandemic or lockdown. Work-from-home has become a common mandate for most people.

Meetings on video calls are common where we stare at our faces on the screen. This is very distracting for many.

People have become more critical of their appearance: The longer the call, the longer we get to notice the flaws in our face such as nose, chin, eyebrows, lips, etc. It might come as a surprise but most people have started noticing their flaws along with criticizing them. This has led to the idea of getting cosmetic surgeries done for correcting the flaw. Cosmetic doctors from across the world have witnessed a surge in bookings for various cosmetic treatments post lockdown.

Cosmetologists receiving inquiries about various procedures: And this trend is visible in our city as well. There have been several bookings and inquiries about surgeries during the lockdown. The lockdown face is a legit term now. Cosmetologists share about receiving calls about how people find their frown lines, nose, or lips terrible.

Apart from lips and nose, the plastic surgeon near you has also seen a surge in demand for breast reduction and liposuction. As soon as the lockdown was lifted, people became keen to improve and beautify their looks. This is also because people have put on weight during lockdown owing to excessive binge eating and lack of physical activity.

There have been queries for neck lift procedures as well.

So what is it about lockdown that has made people so critical of their appearance? Let’s have a look:

Perceptual Distortion

One of the main reasons for people opting for cosmetic surgery in Ahmedabad such as facelift, rhinoplasty, lip enhancement, botox, etc is because of the distorted reality. Experts say that the version of ourselves that we see on screen can be deceiving. In fact, the lighting, camera, angle, and create a lot of delusions. You might look way different than how you look in the mirror. Seeing oneself on screen for long makes people obsess over their looks.

Men are No Exception

If you think that only women are interested in vanity affairs, you need to reconsider. Cosmetologists have been receiving inquiries from men as well. Inquiries from men have also increased for hair transplant surgeries and liposuction.

Benefit of Lockdown

People get more time to research various treatments during the lockdown. If they were already considering a procedure, lockdown seems to be the right time for them. They can stay at home and heal in peace. Also, they can conceal their face behind a mask when stepping out in public. In fact, some people even show urgency to get the procedure done if at all we go into a lockdown again.

Apart from plastic surgeries, cosmetic procedures such as laser hair removal in Ahmedabad have also seen a huge demand. Considering the hassle of visiting a salon or inability to do so in lockdown tempts women to get a permanent solution for unwanted body hair.

Getting a cosmetic procedure or plastic surgery done at any part of your body is a personal choice. However, you should gather the required information and be sure of the reason you wish to get the change done.

For the best cosmetic surgeries, you should make little research and choose only a renowned cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Kedarnath Pandya. Book an appointment today +91 91060 03743!

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