Breast fat transfer or breast implants which one is best for breast enhancement

A common dilemma for anyone who is going for breast enhancement is to decide whether to go for breast fat transfer or breast implant surgery. And when it comes to breast enlargement, these are the two basic and the most popular options available. We’ll break it down here in simple words for you.

Breast fat transfer

Fat transfer is the procedure in which the excess fat is extracted from an area of a body like thighs, legs, abdomen, etc. through liposuction. Then the processed fat is re-injected to the breasts to increase its volume and enhance its shape. 

Who should go for fat transfer?

Fat transfer is ideal for someone who has enough excess fat in other parts of the body. Generally, those who have uneven breasts and post lumpectomy distortion can opt for fat transfer. Further, fat transfer is also great for patients who want moderate results — say the enhancement of about half a cup size.

The best advantage of fat transfer is that the patient’s own tissues are used in the procedure. That means the breasts will appear and feel as natural as possible. Moreover, the recovery time is short and the patient will have little or no scars.

On the downside, fat transfer surgery is not known for its reliability. The reason for that is because some fat may not survive the procedure and the body can reabsorb it. Its effect may also not last long as the body may absorb the injected fat over time.

Breast Implant

Breast implant surgery is a type of cosmetic surgery that aims to enhance or rebuild the breast size. In this method, breast implant clinics use artificial breast implants which are made of silicone or saline to place under the breast tissue or chest muscle. It is a highly reliable and most common way for women to enhance their breast size.

Who should go for breast implants?

Breast implant surgery is for women who have smaller breasts and want bigger ones. This surgery is also quite apt for those having saggy or deflated breasts. Moreover, under appropriate circumstances, cancer patients can also opt for breast implants after their unilateral or bilateral mastectomy if they wish.

The best thing about breast implant surgery is backed up by years of research, which means it’s quite safe for the patients. Another benefit is this method is its longevity, which is about 10-15 years normally. And unlike fat transfer, breast implants show immediate results.

On the flip side, breast implants get fractured or deflated and need to be replaced eventually. Another thing to keep in mind while opting for breast implant surgery is that the surgery leaves a hard scar around the implant. And if it causes discomfort, another surgery may be required to get rid of the scar.


As said earlier, fat transfer involves two processes — liposuction and fat transfer. Therefore, it costs a bit more than breast implant surgery. Having described both the procedures with their benefits and shortcomings, one thing is clear than no procedure is superior to the other. Ultimately, it will depend on you and what kind of result you’re desiring from breast enhancement surgery. Considering all things, you should choose an option that is healthier for you.

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