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What is the total cost for breast reduction surgery in Ahmedabad?

breast reduction

Breast reduction is not taken into consideration just for the aesthetic appearance, but this is also very common to be carried out, as it saves from medical conditions.

Sometimes it is not comfortable for women to carry a huge breast size, and it gives them a bad posture and makes them feel less confident. Cosmetic surgery for breast reduction is a state of the art that must be carried with an experienced team of experts. Many foreign nationals prefer Ahmedabad as the chosen destination to get a breast reduction. As they do not just get the best treatment but also gain value for money.

If you are planning to get the realistic treatment in India, and want to know what all goes in there to keep physical and mental well-being with this surgery process, then this post will help you.

Just read this post to understand how to get the surgery done with the total cost of treatment involved.

Breast reduction Procedure

The surgery starts with general anesthesia and then it is taken forward to reduce the breast size. In this process, the excessive tissue of the breast is removed and reshaped, which gives the breast uplift and the incision gets closed with suitable sutures.

Breast reduction techniques

The surgery can be carried out with different techniques, like:

Anchor Pattern incision– This technique involves an incision made horizontally right under the breast crease.

Vertical Incision– It also involves incision but with less scarring. It happens by making an incision vertically to the breast crease.

Liposuction breast reduction– In this process, excess fat is removed from the breasts, and with this surgery natural look and the sensation of nipple or breastfeeding ability is not compromised.

Recovery period

After breast reduction surgery you would feel pain and intensity can be severe to mild, your surgeon gives you the medication to minimize the pain. After a week you can resume a normal daily routine, but need to take precautions to avoid strenuous activities for at least 6 weeks’ time.

Breast reduction surgery cost in Ahmedabad 

At Mayfair we understand the importance of the well-being of our patients, that is why we provide breast reduction surgery at an affordable cost. The cost of the surgery varies depending on the procedure and condition, to get an accurate idea of getting the cost for your procedure, you can contact our team of experts to give you the best suggestion.

Mayfair is the known name for being the breast augmentation Clinic in Ahmedabad, contact us today to give you a solution.

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