A Complete Guide To Enlarged Breasts In Men (Gynecomastia) Treatment

You might have observed enlarged breasts in some men. To clarify, it is just a result of being overweight. Any man can suffer from enlarged breasts which is known as Gynecomastia. The condition is often caused because of imbalance of testosterone and estrogen hormones. In fact, certain medical conditions can also make the breasts swell and get bigger.

Though enlarged breasts in some men can improve without any type of treatment, others might need some medical intervention. If the enlarged breasts make you conscious or impact your self-image, you can consider breast reduction procedure. The procedure is known as Gynecomastia surgery. It has become one of the common cosmetic procedures opted by men.

More about Gynecomastia

It is a common condition which leads to enlarged male breast tissue. It can happen in males of all ages but it is commonly observed during puberty and older adulthood. As discussed above, it is mainly caused because of imbalance in testosterone and estrogen.

Men’s bodies usually produce small amounts of estrogen. Basically, it is the hormone that controls breast growth. If your body produces more estrogen or you have a low testosterone level, the breasts may enlarge. In fact, people with obesity can also develop enlarged breasts because of excess fatty tissues. Cosmetic surgeons call it pseudo gynecomastia.

Some conditions that can cause breast enlargement are Adrenal tumors, Alcoholism, Kidney disease or kidney failure, Liver disease, and thyroid disease. Certain medications for anxiety, depression, enlarged prostate, heartburn, peptic ulcers, heart failure, high blood pressure, male infertility, and substance abuse can also cause gynecomastia.

How Gynecomastia affects the body

It can be observed as button-sized growth under the nipple in men. You can also see it as breast lump or feel it when you press it. The lump can move easily within the breast tissue and might feel tender to touch. The lump or enlargement can happen in one or both breasts. Gynecomastia is a common male breast disorder and affects between 50 to 65% of young boys and men across the globe.


The best cosmetic surgeon will perform a physical exam, assess the symptoms, and review your medical and family history. You might undergo a blood test for checking the hormone levels. Breast ultrasound might be an ideal choice for viewing breast growths. Also, a mammogram helps in examining unusual growths and changes in the breast tissue.

Treatment of Gynecomastia

In some people, Gynecomastia won’t need special treatment. For instance, if the reason for enlargement is certain medication, you can stop the drug causing it or switch to an alternative medication. If the reason for swelling is a disease, then you will have to wait till the treatment is complete. For others, breast reduction surgery/ gynecomastia surgery can help. During the procedure, the cosmetic surgeon near you removes the breast tissues for making the breasts appear smaller.

While you can’t prevent the hormonal changes that cause the enlargement, you can definitely change the medication or opt for the surgical procedure. The surgical procedure is safe and offers great results when performed by the right surgeon.

Cost of treatment

The Gynecomastia surgery cost in Ahmedabad depends on the cosmetic surgeon you choose as well as your location.

The cost of the Gynecomastia surgery at Mayfair Aesthetics starts from INR 35,000 – INR 75,000.

You can get a consultation done at Mayfair Advanced Aesthetic to discuss your queries. It is recommended to choose a reputed and experienced cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Kedarnath Pandya so that you can rest assured about the safety and accuracy of the procedure.

Dr. Kedarnath Pandya is one of the best and leading cosmetic surgeon who have great success rate in a gynecomastia surgery in Ahmedabad.

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