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How To Get a Natural Looking and Best Hair Transplant?

How To Get a Natural Looking and Best Hair Transplant?

Natural Looking Hair Transplant: Hair loss is one of the common issues faced by men. Many men suffer from hair loss and bald patches even during the younger years of their life. This can drastically impact their appearance and self-esteem. It can hamper confidence on a personal and professional level. However, a hair transplant procedure can help in restoring lost hair and improving one’s appearance.

Today, it is possible to attain natural-looking hair transplant results with advanced treatments. This has helped in getting rid of the unnatural doll-like hair. Improvements have been made in creating hairlines and placing hair in the thinning areas. This has helped in getting more natural-looking hair. The hair transplant results are so real that your hair-stylist or barber won’t be able to spot the difference.

Hair Transplant Results Depend On The Surgeon

Though there have been advances in the transplant procedure, the results depend on the hair transplant surgeon you choose. You must choose a doctor who understands the nuances of hair loss and performs the procedure at regular intervals.

Cosmetic Surgeons specialize in the conditions of skin, hair, nails, body etc. They are aware of hair loss issues and the reasons causing them. They might check your condition and let you know if you are the right candidate for the transplant.

Who Is A Good Candidate For Natural Looking Hair Transplant?

Both men and women can be a good candidate for the hair transplant procedure. To be a candidate for the procedure you need to consider the following:

  • You must have enough healthy hair on your scalp which can be transplanted to the area that needs hair.
  • You should have the ability to grow hair on the thinning area of your scalp.

When you get a consultation done with the cosmetic surgeon, you can find out if you pass the above-mentioned criteria. They will examine your scalp thoroughly. Sometimes, a hair transplant surgeon also suggests a blood test to check the root cause of hair loss. Some patients also need a scalp biopsy. If the tests and examinations tell that you are a great candidate, the hair transplant surgeon will tell you what results you can expect. Expecting a head full of hair might be unrealistic but you will have a fuller head with hair than before.

What Happens During A Hair Transplant?

The entire procedure takes four to eight hours. If you have a large area to be covered, you might need to return the next day for a few hours. Patients remain awake during the procedure and need anesthesia only to make the scalp numb. A mild sedative can help patients to relax.

The surgeon removes the healthy hair first. The doctor might remove individual hair or strip of skin with healthy hair from the scalp. Extracting individual hair might take time but won’t leave a big scar on the scalp. The healthy hair is then placed in the areas that need hair. Once the hair has been transplanted, the scalp will be bandaged. The hair transplant surgeon near you will give some instructions for at-home care.

Patients will see results within six to nine months after the surgery. For some, it might even take up to 12 months to show the results. The doctor might also suggest some medicines for preventing further hair loss. This will help in maintaining your natural-looking results for years.

The surgeon plays a crucial role in how your procedure turns out to be. Therefore, you must choose the best hair transplant clinic in Ahmedabad like Mayfair Advanced Aesthetics.

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