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How Can Breast Implant Be Beneficial?

A girl thinking of getting breast implant surgery

Breast implant surgeon: Breasts are not just another part of a woman’s body. They offer attractive contours and also make a woman feel confident about her appearance. Everyone wishes to have a perfect body but when you are not satisfied with the way your breasts look, you need not compromise with it.  A breast implant procedure can come to your rescue.

Women are quite particular about their breasts as it plays a vital role in their self-image. Few conditions such as smaller breasts or uneven breasts can make women concerned about their appearance and self-image. Breast augmentation at Mayfair Aesthetics can prove to be helpful in more than one way. All you need to do is to search reputed breast implant clinics with experienced doctors like Dr. Kedarnath Pandya for positive results.

What Is Breast Augmentation?

Breast implants, also known as breast augmentation procedure is a cosmetic surgery that is opted by many women these days for body contouring. It is a surgical procedure that increases the size, fullness, and shape of the breasts. The procedure offers a symmetrical look to the breasts. They help in enhancing the size of the breasts cosmetically. There are different types of breast implants but the most common type of breast implant is silicone shell which is filled with a silicone gel or saline salt water.

Types Of Breast Implants

The type of breast implant to be used depends on the personal preference of the candidate and the aesthetic goals.


The silicone implants are filled with gel. The shell is made of silicone but the name is given due to the silicone gel-filled inside the implant. They are pre-filled and not adjustable. It won’t leak even if it breaks as the gel won’t collapse. It offers a natural look and feels as if the gel will offer a natural appearance.


The implant is filled with salt water. The outer shell is made of silicone but the name is given as there is salt water inside. These implants are empty and can be adjusted. Risks are very rare but you need to get the concerns addressed before the surgery.

Benefits Of Breast Augmentation
Adds Volume And Curves

For women with smaller breasts, implants can help in adding curves to their appearance. Breast augmentation in Ahmedabad helps in adding volume to the breasts and offers them a natural and feminine look. The size can be adjusted as desired by the candidate.

Equal Symmetrical Breasts

Most women have some level of asymmetry in their breasts but in some women, it is quite noticeable. They feel embarrassed in bathing suits and it can be challenging to find the right fit bra. A breast implant surgery near me is a great way to correct the shape and size of the breast.

Get In Shape After Pregnancy/ Aging/ Weight Loss

Pregnancy can impact the shape and size of the breasts. They also get saggy during and after breastfeeding. The changes in the breast can also happen after significant weight loss and aging. Breast augmentation can help in achieving the lost volume of breasts and make them more youthful in appearance.

Boost self-confidence

One of the major benefits of breast implants done by breast implant surgeon near me is that it offers confidence to women who feel inferior about their appearance. It offers them the confidence to socialize and also wear clothes of their choice without feeling conscious.

Feeling youthful

Breast augmentation can help women in feeling more youthful after the surgery. It is a positive change for them as the breasts begin to feel full and in a good shape. The benefits of breast augmentation are many but you should choose the best breast implant surgeon in Ahmedabad like Dr. Kedarnath Pandya to achieve the best results. Get a consultation session before proceeding ahead to make an informed decision.

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