Hair fall – Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Hair fall is one of the most common issues faced by people. Irrespective of age and gender, hair loss has affected many lives. When the hair loss is temporary, you don’t need to worry about it. However, chronic or severe hair fall can become a cause of concern. It can be due to medical conditions, hormonal issues, or a part of aging.

While women suffer from hair thinning, men experience baldness. Nevertheless, both the conditions are a result of excessive hair loss from the scalp.  Hereditary hair loss with growing age is a common cause of baldness or hair thinning. Some people never do anything about hair loss and leave it untreated. While others try to cover the bald patches with hairstyles, hats, scarves, or wigs. There are only a few that choose available treatments for preventing further hair fall and restore growth.

Symptoms of Hair Loss

  • Gradual thinning of the hair.
  • Patchy bald spots.
  • Sudden loosening of the hair.
  • Receding hairline becoming visible with every passing year.
  • Widening part.
  • Thinning of ponytails and braids.

Causes of Hair loss

Hormonal changes

This can lead to temporary hair loss. Hormonal changes occur in women during childbirth, menopause, pregnancy, and discontinuing the use of contraceptives. PCOS can also lead to hair thinning and female pattern baldness in women.

Medical conditions

Medical conditions causing hair loss can be thyroid disease, scalp infections, alopecia areata, deficiency of iron, protein, vitamins, minerals, micronutrients, etc. Hair loss can also be triggered due to cancer, high blood pressure, arthritis, cardiac conditions, and depression. Acute illnesses like typhoid, dengue, the recent pandemic COVID -19 can also be a cause of severe hair fall. Yes, to be healthy was never this pivotal.

Physical and Psychological

A physical or emotional shock, excess amount of stress can also lead to hair loss.

External causes

Traction hair loss can be caused by hairstyles that put pressure on your follicles by pulling them back tightly. Hair fall and hair loss can also be seen if your tap water is hard.

Treatment for Hair Loss


The first course of treatment is medications. OTC medicines consist of topical creams or gels to be applied to the scalp. Most of them contain minoxidil. These topical solutions and medications are prescribed by a doctor. One should not take them on their own as medications can have side effects.

Medical Procedures

Now, hair loss can be dealt by a medical procedure called PRP – (Platelet Rich Plasma). Basically, PRP is a 3-step procedure. It’s done with great precision at Mayfair Advanced Aesthetic Surgery. The process is simple. Blood is drawn from your arm and placed into a centrifuge then the platelet rich plasma is drawn in a syringe. Then, the cosmetic surgeon near me will inject the PRP into the areas of the scalp where hair loss is prominent. Understand the pros and cons of the hair loss treatment from Dr. Kedarnath Pandya and then go for the procedure.

Surgical procedures

Sometimes, medicines are not enough for stopping hair loss. You can opt for procedures such as hair transplants. The hair transplant procedure consists of making small plugs of skin with few hairs to the bald parts of the scalp. This is the best choice for people who lose hair from the top of their heads. The candidate might need multiple sessions over time. There are two types of hair transplant surgeries:

FUT – Follicular unit transfer

This method is also known as “strip method” as in this surgery a strip of full thickness skin along with hair follicles is harvested from the back of your head. The donor area is then sutured with special technique called “Trichophytic Closure” Now this full thickness strip of skin is further divided into smaller and much thinner strips of skin known as “Sliver” These slivers are further cut into individual grafts containing group of hair follicles. These harvested grafts (hair follicles) are transplanted into the recipient area.

FUE- Follicular unit extraction

In this type of procedure, individual hair units are picked from the scalp and transplanted.

Cost of The Procedure

The hair transplant cost depends on the method you choose for restoring your hair. It also depends on how much area is being treated. The cost of a hair transplant varies depending on the region and the cosmetic surgeon near you in question.

It is better to get a consultation with a hair transplant surgeon or a cosmetic surgeon near you so that you can get your queries answered. Ask about the procedure, what to expect after the treatment, and the cost involved.

The cost of hair transplant surgery at Mayfair Advanced Aesthetics ranges from INR 25,000 – INR 1,00,000.

Always choose the best hair transplant clinic in Ahmedabad– Mayfair Advanced Aesthetic Surgery for hair transplant surgeries.

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