Benefits Of Rhinoplasty

The nose is one of the prominent features of a person’s face. We all agree to that. And many people don’t have a nose that compliments their other facial features. They look out for procedures such as rhinoplasty to alter the appearance of their nose. However, rhinoplasty is not performed only for cosmetic benefits. It also offers health benefits. It happens to be one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures that take place across the globe.

Also known as a nose job, the health benefits offered by the procedure will leave you surprised. There is also an increase in self-esteem for many individuals.  Here’s a look at some benefits of Rhinoplasty surgery at Mayfair Advanced Aesthetics:

Boosts confidence

If you were not happy about the appearance of your nose or were teased about it in the past, the surgery will offer significant emotional benefits. Your nose is an important part of your face and even small changes in shape will positively impact the proportions and symmetry of the face. These changes will boost your self-esteem and confidence. Choosing rhinoplasty gives you a chance to control the feature of your face which has a negative impact on your emotions.

It’s not just cosmetic

Rhinoplasty is not just a cosmetic procedure, it is much more. The nose is a part of the respiratory system and primary source along with your mouth for inhaling oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide. If some medical condition is preventing sufficient passage of air, it can affect your health adversely. Even genetics and injuries can lead to restricted airways. Rhinoplasty can resolve all these issues.

Improvement in the quality of sleep

When the airflow gets restricted, it’s an issue in its own right as well as a complicating factor for many other health conditions. Excessive snoring is a symptom of Obstructive Sleep Apnea which is a sleep disorder. OSA and snoring can get aggravated when enough air can’t pass through your nose while sleeping. Being able to prevent these disorders can lower your risk of developing serious health issues such as depression, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, etc.

Reduce sinus pressure

The plugged-up feeling of blocked sinus can be troublesome. During cold or respiratory allergic reactions, sinus pressure can be felt. Moreover, drainage is an important part of the sinus operation. You will feel sick if the there’s a sinus infection. Rhinoplasty is a plastic and reconstructive surgery that can address issues with the nasal septum and allows your sinuses to drain easily. This improves your sense of comfort. People with chronic sinusitis can benefit from the procedure.

Customized approach

Unlike other procedures, Rhinoplasty doesn’t have a standard approach or steps. The procedure is designed on the basis of what works best for you.

Correcting birth defects

Some people are born with nasal deformities. Rhinoplasty can improve the patient’s appearance and ability to breathe by correcting the issue.

Fixing a broken nose

As a prominent part of the face, the nose bone is vulnerable to getting broken quite often. Additionally, accidents, fights, sports, falls and injuries are common causes of a broken nose. Reconstructive rhinoplasty can fix the broken nose and restore the appearance.

Reduce snoring

Structural problems within your nose such as deviated septum can cause snoring. Which further can be rectified with the help of the Rhinoplasty procedure.

Whether you are looking for cosmetic benefits or health benefits, Rhinoplasty will do it all for you. However, it is a complex procedure and you must choose only the best doctors. Schedule a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon to get all the details of the procedure so that you can proceed ahead safely.

Choosing a renowned and experienced surgeon like Dr. Kedarnath Pandya with the most success rate. Owing to which it will improve your chances of achieving successful results.

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