What to expect after a liposuction surgery?

The liposuction in Ahmedabad has emerged as one of the most common procedures opted by men and women. It has helped people transform their body contours and achieve the desired body shape. However, people who are looking forward to getting a liposuction done wonder about what happens to post the surgery. While we always talk about the benefits of liposuction, it is rarely discussed that what should one expect after the procedure.

According to the best cosmetic plastic surgeon in Ahmedabad Dr. Kedarnath Pandya, the liposuction treated area feels like having a large bruise. However, doctors say that the discomfort should not be so much that it affects your routine. Having said that, you must keep realistic expectations as some pain is obvious. After all, you have gone through a surgery. But it is not severe and you won’t spend a long time on the bed for recovery.

Let’s have a look at what to expect post liposuction surgery:

Are the results visible immediately?

Liposuction procedure can cause some swelling. In some cases, it can last for few months. Hence, results won’t be visible till swelling subsides. You can expect the swelling to subside after four weeks. The doctor will advise you to wear a compression garment for at least four to six weeks. This will help in reducing the swelling and also offer relief from pain.

Does liposuction procedure leave any scars?

A tiny incision is made around the target area and liposuction equipment is inserted. The incisions are size of your pinky fingernail. The number of incisions depends on the number of areas getting treated. It also depends on how easy it was to remove fat from these areas. If possible, the incisions are hidden with natural skin crease or fold. Therefore, liposuction is also termed minimally invasive surgery.

How much fat does liposuction remove?

There is a limit to the amount of fat that can be removed from the body without having to stay in the hospital overnight. Around five liters i.e. 10 pounds of fat can be removed. If possible, this amount of fat is removed. However, in some cases, it is not possible to remove five liters of fat. Reasons for the same are as follows:

–  As the desired results are achieved before removal of five liters.

–  If there are less than five liters of fat deposits in the target area.

–  When the area under treatment starts bleeding.

It is difficult to predict that how much fat will be removed before the procedure begins.

How many clothing sizes will reduce after the procedure?

This is something that no one can predict. You will definitely experience a reduction in fatty tissues in the target area. But will it result in clothing size going down that can’t be predicted? There is no guarantee about what size of clothing you will wear after liposuction.

Will skin tighten itself after the procedure?

Once the fat is removed, the skin will appear deflated and loose. Liposuction doesn’t treat excess skin. If you have firm, undamaged skin with no stretch marks, the skin will tighten itself over time. For others, the skin is unlikely to tighten up completely.

Will the fat grow back?

Once the fat cells and tissues are removed, they won’t grow back. The remaining fat cells can grow bigger with weight gain. However, if you gain weight, other areas of the body might increase in size.

If you are contemplating getting a liposuction done, it is recommended to get a consultation from an experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Kedarnath Pandya in Ahmedabad.

Once you are sure about the procedure you can go ahead. Always choose an experienced cosmetic surgeon as they can handle even complex cases and offer the best results.

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