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Top 5 Leading Causes of Hair Loss in Men and Women

Hair Loss

Hair loss in Men and Hair loss in Women is one of the most common faced problems these days. It is literary a household issue. Hair loss can happen from slight reduction of hair to completely bald.

Hair loss not only impacts the physical appearance but also emotionally. Every individual wants to have attractive physical appearance and hair contributes majorly in this.

Leading hair loss causes losses are:

Physical Trauma

This can be a major cause for hair loss. A really stressful event can damage the hair growth and shock its cycle of growth. The hair then goes to the shedding phase. Hair loss due to physical stress can be visible in about three to six months after the trauma.

Hair Styling Treatments

Earlier hair loss problems were seen in people above the age of 30. But these days, hair loss problems are the major concern in teens also. It is caused by over usage of hair gel, ironing, hair pressing, blow drying etc. Tying the hair incorrectly and tight can also lead to hair loss.

Hormones Imbalance

The hormonal imbalance can be caused due to delivery, menopause and during breastfeeding. This also leads to hair loss in female. Low thyroid can also lead to thinning of the scalp in men and women.

Bad Habits

Habits like drinking too much coffee, alcohol affects blood vessels can also cause hair loss. The human body maintains a balance between acid and base. Alcohol consumption shifts the balance towards more acidic. Then the body uses protein to get back to the balance of acid and base. The body can use the protein known as keratin that is used to build hair follicles. Therefore, hair density reduces and also leads to hair loss.

Constant Stress

When you are in constant stress, hair loss is the most common symptom which is visible. If you are in constant stress, then blood vessels in the scalp of your hair becomes thin leading to hair loss in men and women. This condition is called telogen effluvium. The end point of hair becomes likes a bulb. This situation damages hair growth severely. Sometimes, living in fear of hair loss leads to hair loss.

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