Liposuction For Men

“Liposuction for men? I don’t have a beer belly. Really! I thought only women get liposuction.”

Sounds familiar? Well many men think that only women get cosmetic surgeries. Let us bust that myth in this blog.

Liposuction for men is not that uncommon. It’s a fact that many men have belly fat or beer belly. Adding to that misery, lockdown and pandemic has also taken a toll on everybody’s health.

Some people became extremely disciplined about their workouts during the lockdown. Whereas, most people have gained weight due to a sedentary lifestyle. With life returning to normalcy, most people don’t get time for workouts in their hectic routine. And for some people it is very challenging to lose weight due to various health related reasons.

As mentioned earlier, weight issues don’t just bother women but men are equally vulnerable to them. The beer belly troubles several middle-aged men. For men suffering from excess fat in their body, liposuction can be a good choice. For achieving an ideal body shape, many take the refuge of cosmetic surgeries. Liposuction for men can help in getting a defined and muscular physique.

What is Liposuction for Men?

The procedure remains same. Liposuction for men is similar to that done for women. Basically, this cosmetic procedure is performed for removing fat from the stubborn areas of the body. For people who struggle with excess fat even after following diet and workout, liposuction can be a great option. The procedure is an alternative to tummy tucks. It’s one of the best fat reduction in Ahmedabad procedures for faster results.

Who Can Be An Ideal Candidate for Liposuction?

It is to be understood that removing fat from the body is different from removing cellulites. Men contemplating about liposuction should know that it won’t remove cellulite from the body. Similarly, if your aim is to get rid of cellulite, you should go for another cosmetic procedure. You should consult with your cosmetic surgeon regarding the concerns you have.

Additionally, for being eligible for the procedure, one must be within 30% of body’s healthy weight zone. Also, people who have firmer skins with good elasticity can achieve better results. Smokers should quit for some time prior to the procedure. It helps the body heal faster. People suffering from diabetes, weak immunity, cardiac diseases, or any other major health issues are not good candidates for this procedure.

Is Liposuction For Men Different Than Women?

Technically no. But the procedure differs for men and women based on the areas treated. Most commonly treated areas for men are lower abdomen, upper arms, and love handles. Rest everything from the procedure to recovery remains the same for both genders.

What To Expect During The Procedure?

  • You will be given local anesthesia or given general anesthesia depending upon the size of the area.
  • Your vitals will be monitored by a team of medical professionals.
  • Depending upon the areas to be treated, it can take up to several hours.
  • You will spend a few hours or stay overnight at the clinic post the surgery.

Does Liposuction Offer Permanent Results

The liposuction process removes fat cells from the area being treated. After the surgery, fat cells won’t move to the treated area. However, other parts of your body might gain weight or expand if your weight fluctuates. Also, once the treatment is done, the surrounding skin will begin to shrink to adjust to new volume of fat. If your skin is elastic, it will appear even and smooth. Lack of elasticity will affect its appearance.

Liposuction can be a great alternative for losing fat from stubborn areas. Talk to a cosmetologist before going ahead with the procedure.

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