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Hair Transplant for Women: Hair loss affects both men and women. Every individual experiences hair loss at some point. However, some people face it more than others. Some people ignore it while others take action before it’s too late. These days, thanks to advanced technology, there are several solutions available. One of the best options available to assist with irreversible hair loss is hair transplantation. It is a surgical way of hair restoration.

However, hair transplantation is the last option for treating hair loss. Though it is mostly associated with men, hair transplant is not confined to men. Even women can opt for it. It is a common misconception that women don’t go bald and hence hair transplant is not meant for them. Hair transplantation is certainly an option for restoring hair in women as well. Female pattern thinning is termed FPT.

In men, hair loss is characterized by U-shaped. It begins with thinning on the crown followed by a receding hairline. In women, Androgenetic Alopecia is the main reason for hair loss. The frontal hairline is gets spared in most cases. This type of hair loss is slower as compared to men and happens at a later stage in life. Hairfall control treatment and hair thinning treatments are recommended first. If they prove to be ineffective, hair transplantation surgery is the last resort.

What is Hair Transplant?

Hair transplantation is the surgical procedure of restoring the hair permanently. The procedure consists of removing hair and follicles from the donor area of the scalp and grafting it onto the balding area i.e. recipient site. Once you have chosen the hair transplant clinic near me, it is time to schedule a consultation session.

There are many hair transplant clinic in Ahmedabad but a little research will help you find the best one! During the consultation, get your queries answered along with the information about the cost of the procedure. Always ask for hair transplantation before and after images of the previous patients.

Are Women Suitable Candidates for Hair Transplantation?

Yes women are a candidate for transplant of the hair and scalp condition needs it. It is true that most hair transplant procedures are performed on men as compared to women but it is due to the difference in the pattern of hair loss. Women mostly experience diffuse hair loss. Whether the transplant is viable or not can be decided based on the kind of hair loss as well as the hair and scalp condition.

The best hair transplant surgeon – Dr. Kedarnath Pandya says that one solution doesn’t fit all and that hair restoration is a personal need which required a customized solution. A suitable candidate should have enough follicles in the donor area. These follicles should be healthy enough to grow out healthy in the normal course of time. Women suffering from Alopecia can find an excellent solution for their hair loss concerns. Women who have had scalp injuries and lost hair from a patch can restore them with the transplantation procedure.

It is to be known that, women suffering from diffuse hair loss throughout the scalp are not a suitable candidate for the procedure. There are several treatments available for treating diffuse hair loss. A hair transplant clinic like Mayfair Aesthetic will make it clear during the consultation itself if you are the right candidate for the transplantation or not.

Women suffering from medical conditions such as Thyroid disorders, PCOS, or pregnancy can take resort to suitable treatments for addressing the reversible hair loss. Timely intervention combined with guidance from the doctor can bring a huge difference. Diagnosis of the root cause and analyzing the symptoms can help determine the path for treatment.

Which is the best Method for Hair Transplant?

It depends on the individual case of the candidate. An expert cosmetic surgeon can decide which method will suit the best based on the donor area and scalp condition. Usually, the AHI, and ‘No shave technique’ is preferred by hair transplant clinic for women. Women find no shaving technique feasible as they don’t need to shave the head for getting the transplant done.

It has lesser downtime and the candidate can resume their routine soon after the procedure. It leads to less tissue damage and the time for healing and recovery is reduced. In fact, the hair transplantation before and after looks absolutely natural and no one can figure out that you have undergone transplantation.

What to Expect After the Procedure?

Hair restoration is a safe surgery when you choose the best clinic and experienced doctor for a hair transplant in Ahmedabad. However, some candidates might have hair transplant side effects in the form of postoperative pain, itching, or surgical complications such as infection, skin necrosis, or wound dehiscence. Swelling and numbness are also common after the procedure.

Discuss with your surgeon about the possible side effects and how they can be addressed and resolved. Making an informed decision is the key to having realistic expectations from the procedure.

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