Who Is A Good Candidate For Gynecomastia Surgery

Large breasts in men can be a reason for anxiety and embarrassment. This condition is known as Gynecomastia. However, men need not worry about it the condition can be addressed with the help of male breast reduction plastic surgery. At the time of consultation, the cosmetic surgeon will determine the best Gynecomastia candidate. They will further make the right recommendations for treating Gynecomastia.

When you choose an experienced and certified Gynecomastia surgeon in Ahmedabad, they will use advanced techniques. This will help in achieving safe and desirable results in a minimally invasive manner.

Who Can Consider Gynecomastia Surgery?

You should consider gynecomastia surgery at Mayfair if you experience the following:

  • Unhappiness or lack of confidence due to feminine-looking breast appearance.
  • Embarrassment in removing t-shirt in public for swimming, outdoor activities, or exercising at the gym.
  • Emotional or psychological issues because of bigger breasts.
  • Enhance their confidence and masculine chest definition.
Commitment From Candidate

While the results of the Gynecomastia surgery are permanent, the patient must maintain healthy body weight in the long run. You must show commitment by following a healthy diet and engaging in an active lifestyle. Exercising regularly can also help in maintaining the results.

If the male candidate puts on weight after the breast reduction procedure, it will affect the outcome of the procedure. In addition to that, the patient should have a positive mindset and realistic expectations. The postoperative scar might make some men conscious.

It is better to discuss to possibility of scarring beforehand with the plastic surgeon and then make an informed decision. If the patient is a smoker, the doctor will suggest discontinuing smoking for a specific duration both before and after the surgery.

What Are The Characteristics Of A Qualified Candidate?
  • The candidate should have overall good health with no health conditions that might interfere with the surgery.
  • If the candidate is unhappy with the breast contours or suffers physical discomfort because of the size of the breast.
  • They should have elastic skin in the breast region because the skin will constrict in post-surgery.
  • If the candidate has tried to reduce the breast size in the past by following a balanced diet and exercise regimen.
  • The candidate must have moderate to stable body weight.
  • If the candidate doesn’t use drugs, steroids, or an excessive amount of alcohol.
What Happens During The Surgery?

The male breast reduction surgery is undertaken for eliminating the excess glandular tissues. However, if the patient has excessive fatty tissues in the breast region causing large breast size, liposuction surgery may be required.

This is the reason a cosmetic surgeon will determine if the patient is a suitable candidate for liposuction or surgical excision for restoring the normal chest contour and appearance.

Some candidates might have glandular and fatty tissues both in the breast region. In such cases, the surgeon will suggest a combination of liposuction and surgical excision. The candidate should follow surgeon’s guidelines for both pre and post-surgical recovery. If the patient shows commitment by following the instructions, the recovery can happen in a quick and effective manner. This will also ensure the best outcome from the surgery.

If your breasts are becoming a matter of concern and embarrassment for you, you can definitely consider Gynecomastia surgery at Mayfair Advanced Aesthetics. Just make sure you gather all the information about Gynecomastia safety and risks so that you can make the decision accordingly.

Scheduling an appointment with a renowned and experienced cosmetic surgeon like Dr.Kedarnath Pandya will help in making the correct decision. A cosmetic surgeon near you will guide you about the procedure, recovery, risks, and cost of the procedure.

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