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Cosmetic Procedures For A Summer Beach Body

Cosmetic Procedures For A Summer Beach Body

Cosmetic procedures for beach body! Summers means beach vacations, pool side parties and many more swimming adventures. So, with the summer sun shining upon us, it’s time to go outside and hit the beaches. It’s time to swim your heart out and chill by the pool to beat the heat. However, you need an attractive body to show some skin. We tend to indulge a bit more during winters and might not feel confident to don the bikini or swimsuit. A healthy lifestyle and good diet can help in achieving the desired body, sometimes cosmetic surgery can help! It can shorten your journey and make you summer- ready in no time.

Here’s a look at some cosmetic procedures for beach body done at Mayfair Aesthetic Surgery Clinic that will make you summer-ready before you hit the beaches:

Body sculpting

If you are near your ideal body weight but struggling with a bit of fat in certain problem areas such as tummy, posterior, thighs, or arms, body sculpting can be the right choice for you. It is a controlled fat reduction procedure which is non-surgical in nature. It removes stubborn fat deposits from your body. If you have been struggling to lose fat from your belly and other problem areas, body sculpting can be the solution.

Breast Lift

For many women, drooping breasts can be a matter of concern and embarrassment. However, a breast lift can help in achieving firmer and more attractive breasts. You can get a breast lift done without getting the implants. With help of a breast lift, women can enjoy a youthful look. And firmer breasts look appealing in a bikini.

Body contouring

Body contouring is the process of removing fat cells and shaping the areas of your body with skin tightening. There are different methods for body contouring such as laser, tucks, lifts, and liposuction. As compared to surgical procedures, non-invasive methods have lesser recovery time. Body contouring helps in getting rid of extra skin and reshaping the area along with eliminating excess fat. Body contouring doesn’t help in losing weight; it simply helps in addressing specific areas where weight loss is not effective.

Laser hair removal

Women struggle with unwanted body hair and use various painful and messy methods for hair removal such as waxing, plucking, shaving, etc. If you are looking for a hair-free smooth and flawless skin, laser hair removal is the best choice. It is a permanent method of hair growth reduction which frees you from the hassle of waxing and shaving every month.

If you plan to don a swimsuit or bikini this summer season, it is better to start your laser sessions 5-6 months before the onset of summer. That hair-free flawless skin will boost your confidence and make you feel like a diva when you hit the beach in a bikini.

Facial cosmetic surgery

There are different types of facial cosmetic surgery that can improve the appearance of your face. Some of the common surgeries are facial implants, lip fillers, chin surgery, neck lift, rhinoplasty, cheek augmentation, forehead lift, cheek reduction, and more. Based on the desired results and suggestions from your cosmetic doctor, you can choose the right procedure.

Male breast reduction

Summers are not just for women to soak in the bliss of the sun or take a dip in the cool waters. Men wish to indulge in some skin show too provided they have a perfect body. If your man boobs are stopping you from going shirtless, male breast reduction can help significantly! It removes excess fat and tissue from the breast area for a masculine appearance.

You must collect proper information before going ahead with any of the cosmetic procedures.  If you are looking forward to achieving an attractive body for summer, it’s time to visit the best cosmetic surgeon in Ahmedabad– Dr. Kedarnath Pandya today!

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