What is Necklift and Facelift Surgery Procedure?

The face is typically the first thing people see on meeting and it also plays an important role in forming one’s image.
Facelift surgery, also known as Rhytidectomy, is a procedure that reduces wrinkles and gives volume to the face. The aim of the Facelift procedure is to improve an overall appearance of the face and the jaw.
During this surgery, the underlying fascia of the muscles of your face will be lifted and tightened to create a more aesthetic and contoured facial structure. Then, excess fat and loose skin are removed that are responsible for the tired and aged appearance of the face.
A Neck Lift surgery, also known as Lower Rhytidectomy, is a surgical procedure that helps in the reducing the visible aging signs in the jawline and the neck.


Is Facelift Surgery Procedure Right for Me?

Common reasons for having a Facelift and/or Necklift include:

  • You want to restore the more youthful contour of your face and neck.
  • Get tightened skin in the face and the neck.
  • Restore the fullness of the cheeks.
  • Get beautiful contoured jawline.

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