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Why Go For a Tummy Tuck?

Why Go For a Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck has now become one of the most opted cosmetic procedures in both men and women. More often than not people suffer from fat in the abdominal area. There can be different reasons for a fat midriff such as a poor lifestyle, poor diet, lack of physical activity, pregnancy, aging, etc. And to be honest, abdominal fat is very tough to lose. For some people, even diets and workouts don’t offer positive results. When diets and workouts fail to offer a flat stomach, tummy tuck surgery can help. It offers a smoother and contoured appearance to the tummy.

According to the board-certified cosmetic surgeon Dr. Kedarnath Pandya, many people go for abdominoplasty procedures for the smooth and toned abdomen. Such amazing results are not always achievable with a liposuction alone.

Here’s a look at some reasons to go for an abdominoplasty:

Fat Removal

During a tummy tuck, you can not only remove excess skin but also fat around the stomach. Liposuction helps in removing excess fat and leaves lymph and blood vessels intact. This reduces the risk of bleeding. Liposuction enables the removal of excess skin and fat as compared to a tummy tuck alone. With liposuction combined with tummy tuck, one can achieve a more toned and attractive abdominal appearance.

Tighten Muscles

Post pregnancy, the underlying abdominal muscles get stretched or damaged. A tummy tuck can help in correcting those muscles. Some women experience diastasis wherein muscles spread apart. A vertical bulge that appears when you raise your leg while lying is known as diastasis. During an abdominoplasty, underlying muscles are pulled back together making them tight and firm. It results in a flatter tummy.

Remove Scars

Tummy tuck can also help in reducing the appearance of existing scars in the midsection. Abdominoplasty can help in getting rid of the scars caused due to c-section or hysterectomy. A tummy tuck can eliminate the scars from appendectomy, hernia surgery, or accidents. The flatter stomach and smooth skin look flawless.

Excess skin removal

Weight fluctuations and pregnancy can cause the skin on the stomach to become lose as it loses elasticity. Once the skin gets stretched, it’s not possible to restore it with exercise alone. This is one of the reasons to choose a tummy tuck. The procedure can eliminate mild to severe loose skin, creating a contoured look.

Urinary incontinence

Stress urinary incontinence can also be improved with a tummy tuck. SUI occurs as a result of excessive pressure on the urethra and bladder. It leads to bladder leakage while exercising, sneezing, and coughing, etc. The condition is usually treated non-surgically but an abdominoplasty can help some patients, especially women.


Excess fat and skin in the midriff can make some people self-conscious and embarrassed. It can become a reason for lower self-esteem. It might start affecting social, personal, and professional life. A tummy tuck can help in offering a flat stomach and improve your appearance drastically. It can make you look younger and restore the energy as well as your self-confidence.

The cost of an abdominoplasty might vary depending on the cosmetic surgeon you choose. The area and the type of tummy tuck procedure governs the cost. It is best to get a consultation first with your cosmetic surgeon.

If you are looking for best tummy tuck in Ahmedabad, you should go with an experienced and renowned cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Kedarnath Pandya. It is a major procedure and you should always trust someone with a good success ratio.

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