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Understanding The Risks of Cosmetic Surgery

Understanding The Risks of Cosmetic Surgery

Just like any other invasive surgery, the cosmetic surgeries too involve some risks. Basically, the idea is to first understand the risks and then take steps to minimize them. However, some complications and cosmetic surgery risks might occur randomly though you choose the best surgeon and top hospital. Any kind of surgery carries risk.

If you are contemplating for cosmetic surgeries in Ahmedabad, you need to know the following:

  1. Few cosmetic surgeries are invasive in nature.
  2. An incision is made in the skin and the tissue is re-adjusted or removed.
  3. The invasive procedures carry risk.
  4. While some risks can be prevented, others may occur randomly.

Here’s a list of cosmetic surgery risks:

Pain and discomfort

It is normal for you to experience mild to moderate pain. Even if you choose best liposuction in Ahmedabad you can expect some pain. In fact, the pain can worsen in certain types of liposuction or when the procedure is done in the lower half of the body. If your pain gets severe and doesn’t get relieved by medication, inform your cosmetic surgeon Dr. Kedarnath Pandya immediately. As this can be a sign of complication.

Nausea and upset tummy

Some people might experience reactions to Anesthesia. Nausea or vomiting after procedure is a sign of your body’s reaction to Anesthesia. However, it will resolve quiet fast. Sometimes, infections might cause upset stomach or nausea. So, contact your surgeon if the vomiting persists for a longer duration as you might get dehydrated.

Swelling/ bruising/ discoloration

It might take several weeks for the discoloration from bruising to resolve. You can expect normal swelling and bruising post surgery. Severe bruising is an indication of bleeding. It can only be examined by a medical team. Severe swelling or temperature can be a sign of infection. You might experience surprise swelling or discoloration for up to 12 months after the liposuction surgery. 

Bleeding and haematoma

Bleeding can happen during or after any operation. Some bleeding can cause skin discoloration of bruising. Constant bleeding can lead to collection of blood under the skin. Small collection of blood under the skin will absorb immediately. However, large collection of blood under the skin, which is uncommon after Liposuction can obstruct healing.

It can also lead to complications under the skin. Haematoma can occur in the first 24 hours after the surgery. Usually it needs general anesthesia for the drainage of accumulated blood. Bruising can occur several weeks after the liposuction.

Tips to avoid excess bleeding after the surgery
  1. High blood pressure that is not controlled or the one that is volatile, may cause excess bleeding during or after the surgery.
  2. Anti-inflammatory tablets can hamper the blood’s ability to clot.
  3. Life-threatening complications include pulmonary embolism, cardiac arrhythmia, heart attack, strokes, or massive infection.
  4. Pulmonary complications are not common but may occur.

Even for a commonly practiced breast implant surgeries in Ahmedabad, you need to be aware about the risks. Some of the most experienced symptom after breast implant are scar tissue that distorts shape of the breast implant. It can also lead to breast pain, infection, etc. Occasionally, people experience changes in nipple and breast sensation.

Similarly, if you are looking for best hair transplant surgeries, or any other cosmetic surgery, just perform a thorough research. This will keep you well informed about the potential risks associated with the procedure. It will enable you to take the right decision by analyzing the risks v/s benefits. It is important to stay updated so that you can make good decision.

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