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Ahmedabad’s population consists of around 6.4 million people and is one of the growing cities of India. With their growth, people have chosen a life of style and elegance. Hence, a clinic that enhances or improves your look has flourished in the past few years. People in Ahmedabad have started going for hair transplant surgery to get away from their receding hairline.

And the cost of hair transplant surgery in Ahmedabad varies from clinic to clinic and from patient to patient. Hair transplant surgery session costs anywhere between Rs. 30000 to Rs. 95000 depending on the amount of hair required to cover the head.

There are other factors like the number of grafts required, techniques of hair transplant employed, physician qualification and location of the clinic that decide the cost of hair transplant in the city of Ahmedabad. Yet, the city of Ahmedabad houses some of the best hair transplant surgeons that offer expertise in the same field.

Let us take a look at the factors that determine and influence the hair transplant costs in Ahmedabad.

  • The Density of the Hair Required for the Transplant:

    Generally, hair transplants cover 35 to 40 grafts of hair per centimetre square area of the head. The number of grafts is decided by the intensity of the bald area on the patient’s head.
  • The Total Number of Required Grafts:

    Certain doctors incur a charge based on the number of grafts and not the amount of area he has to cover.
  • The Technique Employed:

    Different techniques are employed to insert multiple hair follicles per one graft. And there are two types of methods for surgery employed for hair transplant. The traditional method, called FUT, costs you Rs. 30 to Rs. 40 per hair graft. Whereas the stitch-less procedure called as FUE can cost you Rs.30 to Rs. 80 per graft. The latter method of hair transplant gives faster results and a smaller recovery period. The second method is costly but the results may look more natural than the former method.
  • Qualifications of the Surgeon:

    The operating surgeon must be a qualified, degree holder plastic surgeon who should have many years of experience in the said industry. If a doctor comes with a great work portfolio and years of experience, he may charge a higher price than other doctors of the same category.


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