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Tips To Get A Toned Body

Body contouring procedures in Ahmedabad

Liposuction Surgery in Ahmedabad: Everyone wishes to look their best and a fat stomach is never flattering for anyone. For some people, even after eating right and working out on a regular basis, they might have problem areas. Sometimes, no amount of exercise helps in burning fat from troubled areas such as the stomach.

Irrespective of age, men and women both face concerns regarding love handles and excess abdominal skin. At times, none of the measures work for fat reduction from these areas. For getting a toned appearance, you might need to seek help from a cosmetic surgeon. The cosmetic procedures might be the last resort for fat reduction from these trouble areas.

Having excessive fat around the abdomen affects the confidence of men and women. They feel conscious about their look and feel insecure when they are around fit and slim people. However, now with the help of medical intervention, you can reduce and tone the problem areas. Cosmetic procedures have become more common in the recent years. In fact, it is no more a taboo for people to choose a cosmetic procedure.

Based on your goals, there are different body contouring procedures to choose from:

Liposuction Surgery in Ahmedabad

Liposuction surgery done in Ahmedabad is a cosmetic procedure that helps in removing fat from a certain area of the body. Patients will witness 50-70% of the fat removal from the treated area. The liposuction can be performed on areas such as the abdomen, chin, arms, breasts, buttocks, hips, legs, neck, thighs.

The surgeon separates fat cells from the skin tissues and then aspirates them with fluid. This infiltration increases the space in the area for surgical access and adding medication for reducing bleeding. After the fat removal, the surgeon equally distributes the remaining fat cells in the area for a smooth and natural look. There are no apparent scars or damage in the surrounding tissue.

Patient results are smoother and predictable as compared to other methods. Recovery time depends on the type of liposuction and if it is combined with other procedures. Patients can return to work within few days and resume normal activities in two weeks. For larger areas such as the trunk, patients might need more time off and a longer period for resuming a normal routine. For Liposuction surgery in Ahmedabad, you should choose a renowned cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Kedarnath Pandya, to ensure safety of the procedure.

Tummy Tuck

Yet another body toning procedure is a tummy tuck. The procedure requires an incision. The size of the cut depends on the amount of loose skin as well as the quality of muscle tissue and skin. Some people might need a hip-to-hip incision which is made below the bikini line. Excess skin and fat are removed during the procedure which results in a flat abdomen. You will also achieve a tighter-looking skin.

The recovery time will depend on the size of the incision along with the combination of procedures that the patient chooses. Most of the tummy tuck procedures need only an overnight stay in the hospital. You can return to normal activity within two weeks of the procedure.

You need to keep in mind that none of these procedures and their combination will address any metabolically active fat. This type of fat is present inside the abdomen and around the intestines which leads to a round belly appearance. A tummy tuck is suitable for people with loose skin around the abdomen.

The tummy tuck cost depends on your region and the experience of the cosmetic surgeon. You can schedule an appointment and get a consultation about the procedure and cost of a tummy tuck.

For more information on body toning procedures and Liposuction cost, schedule a consultation with Mayfair Advanced Aesthetics today!

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