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Hair Restoration with PRP A Natural Approach to Thicker and Healthier Hair

Hair Restoration with PRP- A Natural Approach to Thicker and Healthier Hair

Hair restoration: PRP injection is a relatively new treatment for restoring hair on your scalp. People might be apprehensive about trying the latest therapy for hair loss. However, it has been observed that PRP helps in promoting hair growth. The treatment has produced positive results in the past, and it is definitely worth trying.

The PRP Procedure

PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma. The minimally invasive procedure consists of drawing blood from your arm. The blood is further spun down into three layers in a centrifuge. Only the best plasma rich in platelets is injected into the scalp via microneedling. If you are one of those who get regular blood tests done, PRP treatment won’t be challenging.

How PRP Therapy Works?

The platelet-rich plasma is injected into the scalp to heal the affected areas and stimulate the reparative cells via the use of growth factors. The PRP treatment promotes the formation of substances such as collagen, which is used in anti-ageing serums. This will show signs of regrowth over time. It is a natural formula without the use of any chemicals, and hence, it is gaining popularity. As no harsh chemicals are used in the treatment, you need not worry about the side effects.

Advantages of PRP Therapy

The treatment is done in different sessions, as the PRP injection comes in more than one dose. The series of injections is used over a few weeks, and the treatment is redone over a few months. You will start witnessing positive results as the treatment progresses. You will start noticing the following:

  • The hair will start getting thicker and comparatively denser in the problem areas that are being treated.
  • The hairline that receded will start witnessing hair growth.
  • The balding and thinning spots will be reversed over time.
  • With positive results of the hair restoration treatment, you will sense improved self-confidence in all areas of life. People notice improved self-esteem with restored hair growth and reversed balding.

Who is the Right Candidate for PRP Treatment?

Though PRP treatment can benefit a wide array of candidates with various hair loss-related issues, there are a few candidates who can help more and have noticed the most effective results.

  • People suffering from androgenic alopecia can benefit significantly from the PRP treatment. The condition is also termed male or female pattern baldness. It is not only men who suffer from hair loss and baldness. Both men and women can be treated with PRP.
  • People who have witnessed hair loss recently are good candidates for the treatment. The simple reason is that the longer the underlying condition for hair loss exists, the longer it will take to show the results. However, that doesn’t mean others won’t witness any benefits.
  • People in a wide range of age groups can benefit from the treatment.
  • People suffering from hair loss due to stress can also benefit from PRP as it is not a chronic condition.
  • Individuals suffering from excessive hair loss but not to the extent of baldness can witness thick and robust hair growth. The hair follicles that are still functioning will get a boost with PRP injections.

How can One Achieve Optimum Results from PRP Hair Restoration?

If you are considering getting the PRP treatment done, you must schedule a consultation with a certified cosmetic surgeon to determine if PRP therapy is the right choice for you. If the cosmetic surgeon feels that you are a good candidate for the procedure, you might go through the following:

  • Three PRP injections were administered over 4 to 6 weeks.
  • Regular injections for maintenance over 4-6 months.

People who follow the regime and stick to the procedure will notice positive results, which will leave you happy and confident. Furthermore, it is to be noted that a licensed and board-certified cosmetic surgeon must do PRP. It would help if you had a trusted doctor for the treatment.

Cost of PRP Treatment

The PRP treatment price will depend on the specific patient case. In India, the average cost of PRP ranges from INR 4500 to 15000 per session. The cost depends on the clinic you choose, the amenities offered, the technology used, and the level of experience of the plastic surgeon doing the treatment. The price might also vary depending on the city you live in. It is better to discuss your queries regarding PRP treatment costs during the initial consultation session with the cosmetic surgeon near Ahmedabad. They will guide you through the process and treatment cost, along with payment options.


For people who are suffering from excessive hair loss, the PRP treatment is a boon! Advancements in science and technology have made this very possible. Results show that PRP treatment can help you achieve everything that it claims.

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