The earlobes are the soft lower part of the ears that is made up with a small amount of soft fatty connective tissues. Earlobes play a very important role in the physical appearance of men and women and also an as popular area to wear jewellery.

Earlobe repair surgery is a quick and effective reconstructive cosmetic surgery procedure performed to correct the appearance of the earlobes that have been stretched by ear piercing, trauma, or due to any other reasons.

How do Earlobes Tear Occur?

Mostly, earlobes are stretched is heavy jewellery is worn or due to any accident leading to the tearing of the soft tissues. This tearing might be very unattractive and men and women fond of jewellery cannot wear most of the jewellery.

What is Ear Lobe Repair Surgery?


If your answer to any or all of the below questions is yes, then Ear Lobe repair surgery might be the solution for you.

  • Do you have split ear lobes?
  • Do you have a history of trauma to the ear lobe?
  • Do you have enlarged ear lobes?

Earlobe Repair Surgery

How can split Earlobes be corrected?

Earlobe repair surgery is a simple, effective and safe procedure carried out under a local anaesthetic agent. Dr. Pandya uses delicate surgical repair techniques depending entirely on the degree of the earlobe tear making sure to get the expected and desired result.
After careful planning and marking, this surgery is performed without any discomfort. The worn out part of the ear lobe is removed in order to rebuild the ear lobe. Then, repair is done in a zig-zag or straight line depending on the tear type and the structure of the ear. Fine dissolvable sutures threads are used to stitch fresh edges of the ear lobes and also for the minimal scarring.

Can the ear lobes be pierced again?
Yes, but patients need to wait for at least one month in order to prevent recurrent earlobe damage. Also, heavy and large jewellery should not be worn. Wearing small studs are safe.
Ear Lobe Reduction Surgery
Earlobe reduction is a common surgical procedure that is performed to correct the contour of sagging and hanging ear lobes. Larger ear lobes can also be by birth and can get bigger with age. In some cases, ear lobes are big and long that need a decrease in the overall length. This surgery is performed under a local anaesthetic agent.
Ear Lobe repair surgery recovery:
There is minimal discomfort involved in earlobe repair surgery and the patient can go back to their routine life after this surgery. Sutures will be removed after around five days.

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