What Kind Of Breast Surgery Is Apt For You?

Of course you have heard about breast surgeries. But, which surgery is best for you? Should you get one? All these answers and much more in this blog. Keep on reading.


Every woman is different and so are their breasts. The shape and size of breasts vary from one woman to another. One must indeed accept what nature has blessed them with. However, it is not always easy to be body-positive. Also, for women in certain professions, it is important for their bodies to look in a certain way.

When a woman is not satisfied with the way her breasts look, she can feel insecure about it. Many women don’t like how their clothes fit over their breasts or how their breasts come in the way of their routine activities. While earlier women couldn’t do much about their breasts, the scenario has changed over time.

What Has Changed?

With the best cosmetic surgeries coming into the picture, women can now get the desired shape and size for their breasts. You may be new to the idea of breast surgery or confused between breast reduction or breast lift.

Here’s a look at everything you need to know about types of breast surgeries done at Mayfair Advanced Aesthetic Surgery so that you can make an informed decision:

Implants For Breast Augmentation

Studies show that breast augmentation in Ahmedabad is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures. If your aim is to enhance the size of your breasts, the augmentation with silicone implants or saline is the perfect solution for you, says the best cosmetic surgeon in Ahmedabad Dr. Kedarnath Pandya.

There are many things that needs to be considered before the procedure such as the type, size, and shape of the implants. The position of implants in the chest and the location of the incision also needs consideration. The cosmetic doctor in Ahmedabad can help women in taking the decision based on the shape of their body, lifestyle, and desired results.

Breast Augmentation Via Fat Transfer

Conventional implants might not be an ideal solution for many women. For such women, fat transfer breast augmentation can be a great choice. The procedure is also known as fat grafting, lipo-filling, or living fat transfer. It offers a subtle increase in the size of the breast; from half a cup to a full cup.

Fat transfer surgery makes use of fat reduction surgery termed tumescent liposuction. A small amount of fat is removed from stubborn pockets of the body like thighs, stomachs, or flanks. The fat is then purified and re-injected into the breast. It is injected in layers for sculpting the desired shape.

Breast Reduction

Bigger breasts can lead to back, shoulder, or neck pain. Even pendulous breasts are a concern in many women. Making the breasts smaller can help in getting relief from this discomfort. Also, it can make the breasts look proportionate as compared to the rest of the body. The best breast reduction in Ahmedabad can help in getting the desired size of the breast. The procedure involves extracting excess fat, skin, and tissues from the breasts with incision and liposuction.

Breast Lift

While augmentation can enhance the size of the breasts, it doesn’t correct sagging and drooping breast issues. Breastfeeding, age, weight changes, etc can make the once firm breasts to become stretched out and hung down.

A breast lift surgery can help in correcting the sagging issues. An incision is made on the breast and the position of fat and other tissues is shifted. Excess skin is removed and nipples are repositioned. However, this doesn’t prevent future sagging in case of a change in weight or skin elasticity.   


If you are looking for the best cosmetic surgery in Ahmedabad, you need to get in touch with a reputed and experienced cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Kedarnath Pandya. Breast surgery is an important decision. You must choose only a board-certified surgeon for this.

Once you are sure about your decision, you can go ahead. Be ready to experience life-changing results post the surgery.

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