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Love Handles- Causes, exercises, treatment

Love Handles- Causes, exercises, treatment

Love handles are the areas of the skin which extend from the hip area. When you wear tight clothing, love handles can look more pronounced. Moreover, they are a reflection of the excess fat accumulated around the abdominal and hip area.

Causes Of Love Handles

One of the major causes of love handles is fat retention. Fat cells get accumulated in the body when you take too many calories but don’t burn them. These fat cells become noticeable when they get collected in a specific area around the hips and waist.

There are certain factors that increase the chances of fat accumulation in the lower back and abdominal areas. Here’s a look at them:

  • Lack of physical activity
  • Hormones (especially too much cortisol)
  • Diet high in fats, sugars, and calories
  • Aging as belly fat accumulation becomes common in older age
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Undiagnosed or untreated conditions which slow down your metabolism

It is important to get rid of the love handles. While they are not dangerous but they can be a sign of an underlying risk or chronic illness such as:

  • Stroke
  • High blood pressure
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • High cholesterol
  • Liver disease
  • Heart disease
  • Cancer
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Sleep apnea

Getting rid of the love handles can help in boosting your overall health.

Exercise For Reducing Love Handles

It is not possible to specifically target body fat reduction around the waistline. It can be made possible by combining cardiovascular exercises and weightlifting. Also, people can incorporate exercises that target specific areas of the body like the abdomen and hips. While they won’t remove fat directly but will improve the muscle tone and lead to weight loss.

  • Bicycle crunches
  • Side planks
  • Mountain climbers
  • Russian twists
Treatments For Love Handles

Firstly, liposuction at Mayfair Advanced Aesthetic Surgery can be a great solution for love handles. In addition, with liposuction in Ahmedabad, the fat in that area will never return. It removes fat cells so that you can get rid of the love handles on a permanent basis. However, if you gain significant weight, the remaining fat cells in the other parts of the body will enlarge. Liposuction in Ahmedabad is not a solution for obesity or permanent weight loss. Individuals should consider liposuction only for specific areas of the body.

Another key point, liposuction is safe for most patients and they feel happy with the results. To clarify, just make sure that you choose a certified cosmetic surgeon in Ahmedabad to ensure great results. Also, consider their experience in liposuction so that remain assured about your safety. Discuss your medical history with the doctor and get your queries answered.

Laser treatment

Love handles can be reduced with the help of laser treatment as well. Furthermore, Sculpsure is minimally-invasive treatment that reduces bulging fat around the love handles. People who wish to avoid fat removal surgery can opt for this method. This is a light-based technology that helps in getting rid of the stubborn fat in the love handles. The technique offers uniform-looking fat reduction results in the love handle areas. It delivers laser beams in a safe and controlled manner for fat reduction.

To begin with, the laser therapy can be customized based on the number of fat tissues and skin elasticity in the love handles. The cosmetic surgeon near you will evaluate your fitness and explain the benefits of the procedure.

Love handles can be embarrassing for both men and women. If you wish to get rid of your love handles, schedule an appointment with the best cosmetic surgeon in Ahmedabad– Dr. Kedarnath Pandya and discuss the available treatment options.

It is good to make an informed decision after consultation.

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