breast redution surgery

Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction surgery, also known as Reduction Mammoplasty is a surgery that removes fat, glandular tissues and skin from the breasts. This procedure is conducted under the effect of general anesthesia. And it comes with a significant amount of period required for recovery.

Breast Reduction Surgery Costs

There are varied breast reduction surgery costs associated with the breast reduction surgery that ranges from a few thousand to a few lacs. Additionally, it will all depend upon the surgery and the amount of the stay in the hospital.

In this article, we will look at the tips that are helpful to recover from Breast Reduction Surgery.

Recovery Tips of Breast Reduction Surgery

  1. In the first week of surgery, you may find yourself elastic bandaged tightly. To get better results, you may require some assistance from your family members to help you through your daily chores.
  2. There may be a presence of sutures and drainage pipes. They help in flushing out the extra and waste fluids for the next few weeks.
  3. After the surgeon removes the dressings, your surgeon will suggest you to wear a surgical bra. Furthermore, that would hold the breasts in place to achieve the desired shape and form after the recovery.
  4. In around two weeks after surgery, your surgeon will remove the stitches. And as a result, that may cause an increased sensitivity in your breasts. You will be required to reduce your sodium intake to reduce swelling that causes aches and pains. One should also increase their water intake to flush out the fluids out of the body.
  5. You should avoid lifting heavy weights and objects until after several weeks of the surgical procedure. Besides, avoiding lifting weights for about five to six weeks after the surgical procedure will help you heal quickly.

Ahmedabad houses some of the best breast reduction surgery clinics that guide and support you from deciding on the surgery up till the recovery period.

Mayfair Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery clinic is a popular hospital for breast reduction surgery in Ahmadabad. We have conducted many successful surgeries.

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