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As it is with many other things, entrepreneurship has its pros and cons. However, its perks are far more rewarding. And, no doubt, entrepreneurship is challenging. When it comes to womenpreneurs, it’s even more difficult. Because there are various factors at play for them such as societal pressure, withdrawal symptoms, carrying the brunt of perceived image, et al. This can be the cause of under confidence and low self-esteem.

There are a variety of ways to tackle these. Here we’re going to focus on the aspect of image building.

Withdrawal symptom:

Women who start their own business are likely to hire younger people — mostly in the range of 20-30. Many women tend to have withdrawal symptoms. Hence, their confidence takes a hit when they are surrounded by younger people.

This can really be a step back for them. But, what if they can appear and feel young as well?

  • You must be wondering how right? Well, there are several cosmetic surgeries available nowadays that can hide the signs of aging, restore hair, increase or decrease the size of breasts. To get over the withdrawal symptoms, womenpreneurs can opt for breast augmentation or breast reduction surgery.
  • It’s natural for the breasts to undergo a change in their size and shape during and after pregnancy. And some women are not comfortable with that. So, in that case, breast reduction or breast enhancement surgery can be their savior according to what they desire. It’s a procedure in which the shape and size of the breasts can be changed. When women develop the body they want, it will automatically serve as a confidence booster.

Carrying the brunt of perceived image:

People generally have a certain perception about entrepreneurs. It includes how they speak, how they behave, and how they appear.

  • Aging affects everyone. There’s no exception to that. And since people perceive business owners or entrepreneurs as someone in a nice suit with a deep and heavy voice. It’s hard for women to replicate that, particularly for the ones who are in their late 30s or early 40s. That’s the age when the body appears transformed, wrinkles start to appear, and hair is lost or they get thinner.
  • As womenpreneurs have to deal with a lot of people, they must present the best version of themselves. That could be a lot easier if they can get the appearance they desire. A common belief is attractive people are more approachable. And for entrepreneurs, this is quite important.
  • Womenpreneurs can choose to get a hair transplant to restore or thicken their hair. Mayfair is among the best clinics that offer hair transplant in Ahmedabad along with various other cosmetic surgeries.

No doubt that women entrepreneurs have to go through such difficult phases in their professional journey while balancing their personal life. And with time, the body starts to deteriorate, which can prove to be a hurdle for women in their profession. However, that shouldn’t hold them back. All women deserve to feel confident and nice about their body, and when it doesn’t feel so, they have the choice to make it happen. Grammy-nominated singer and songwriter Mary Lambert puts it best – I am allowed to look sexy, feel sexy, and be in love. I am worthy of all those things. And so are you.”

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