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Looking for Hair Transplant Cost in Ahmedabad?

Mayfair Aesthetic Advanced Surgery Clinic is dedicated to performing the best Hair Transplant Surgery in Ahmedabad. We, at Mayfair promises to give natural looking results.
Therefore, when you are looking for Hair Transplant Ahmedabad, choose us for your balding solutions.

Hair Transplant is a permanent solution that takes place considering two hair sites. The Donor site and the other is Recipient site.

Two types of Surgical Techniques that we use for Hair Transplant at Mayfair Clinic Ahmedabad are below:

    In this hair transplant surgery, harvestation of individual hair follicles is performed at the donor site. Donor site is mainly the area at the back of the head which never goes bald. These individual hair follicles are then transplanted into the area of baldness. These hair follicles are planted at a very definite angle and very aesthetically that results in very beautiful and natural looking hairline.
    In this hair transplant surgery, the hair is harvested from the donor site along with skin and then these are transplanted into the area of thinning. This technique also give super results.

    Time involved in the entire process of hair transplant –
    The transplanted hair takes at-least 4 weeks to grow.
    Then between the 4-8 weeks, the transplanted sheds.
    Then after 4-6 months, transplanted begins to grow again.
    Then after 6-12 months, improvement in hair length and colour becomes visible.

    Cost involved:

    The hair transplant Cost depends on various factors, mainly on the hair grafts needed to be transplanted. It could range from INR 70,000 to INR 1,40,000.

    Mayfair Advanced Aesthetic Surgery Clinic takes care of all your concerns and goals and gives the right and authentic advice that are in line with your practical and emotional goals.

    If you want your self confidence back and want to make a mark in professional and personal life, contact Mayfair, the Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Ahmedabad.

    Benefits of getting hair transplant at Mayfair, Ahmedabad:

    • Expert hands of Dr. Kedarnath Pandya for great aesthetic results.
    • Detailed and careful consultation.
    • Guaranteed natural looking results.
    • Younger look.

    We, at Mayfair, promise to deliver great results and shall take care of all your concerns. If you are looking for hair transplant in Ahmedabad.

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